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Where in the United States do we use the most hydroelectric power?

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we use the most hydroelectric power in kansas
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What are the good uses about hydroelectric power?

Hydro electricity is good because water is all around us. This means that we do not need to change the entire landscape dramatically. Next we have the fact that it is cheaper

What does the world use hydroelectric power for?

In most countries it just goes into the electricity distribution network, so it is not possible to say. There may be some isolated places that only have hydro power, but in an

How is hydroelectric power is useful to us?

  Hydroelectric power is a great way to keep our environment clean.     Unlike gasoline, hydroelectric power combusts to form water as a byproduct which does not ha

What is the most powerful court of the United States?

It is the most powerful court when dealing with federal questions (federal laws or constitutional issues). However, the Supreme Court has no power to reverse state courts when