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What organelles take place in cellular respiration?

The mitochondria. The Krebs cycle occurs in the mitochondrial matrix whereas the electron transport chain takes place in the inner membrane of the mitochondria.
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Facts on the Body Painting Festival

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How does respiration take place in animals?

Respiration takes place in animals through 2 methods:1) Aerobic respiration, where oxygen is involved in the process of respiration.It takes place in animals like humans, as t (MORE)

How does respiration takes place in amoeba?

For respiration - the taking in of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide - the gases simply diffuse through the whole of amoeba's permeable surface. Soluble nitrogen-containing (MORE)
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Where does respiration take place and what is the equation?

cellular respiration takes place within the cytoplasm and the mitochondria of eukaryote cells. 1 Glucose molecule --> 2 pyruvic acids (2 ADP's + 2 Phoshpates --> 2 ATP's (MORE)

Chemical Make Up of the Human Body

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