Where in the body does respiration take place?


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Cell Respiration: A Tutorial on Biochemical Energy Conversion

Cell respiration is one of the most important processes that happens in your entire body. Without it, your body is unable to move its muscles, synthesize the proteins it needs (MORE)

The Equation for Cellular Respiration

The summary equation for cellular respiration shows which molecules are used by cellular respiration and which are produced. By counting the number of type of atoms on each si (MORE)

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How does respiration takes place in amoeba?

For respiration - the taking in of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide - the gases simply diffuse through the whole of amoeba's permeable surface. Soluble nitrogen-containing (MORE)
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How does respiration take place in animals?

Respiration takes place in animals through 2 methods: 1) Aerobic respiration, where oxygen is involved in the process of respiration. It takes place in animals like humans, as (MORE)
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Where does respiration take place and what is the equation?

cellular respiration takes place within the cytoplasm and the mitochondria of eukaryote cells. 1 Glucose molecule --> 2 pyruvic acids (2 ADP's + 2 Phoshpates --> 2 ATP's (MORE)