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Where in the body does respiration take place?

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From my physiology class...if you mean the gas exchange (CO2-O2), it occurs at the alveoli level. These are part of the bronchioles which are branches of the bronchi which are branches of the trachea. Alveolis are located within the lungs. Breathing takes place in many areas. All of the areas of entry where oxygen enters the body is involved such as the mouth and nasal passages, the trachea, the bronchi, the lungs, even the blood stream because that is where the actual exchange of these gases occur.
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What is respiration and where it takes place?

Respiration is a chemical process that breaks down nutrient molecules (mainly glucose) in every cell in the body to release energy. Breathing is NOT respiration! Breathing is

Aerobic respiration where does it take place?

Aerobic respiration occurs initially in the cytoplasm, until the two pyruvates are formed and then enters the mitochondria where the rest of the respiration occurs.