Where is Africa?

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Africa is south of Asia and Europe, west of Australia, east of South America, and north of Antarctica.
Africa is located south of Europe and between the Alantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean.
South of Europe and the Mediterranean Sea
East of the Atlantic Ocean
West of the Indian Ocean
North of Antarctica
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Where is Africa on the map?

If you look closely, you will see the humongous continent shaped like a foot labled AFRICA It is the continent below Europe and the west of Asia. Manly it is in the center

Where in Africa?

south Africa. south Africa. south Africa. south Africa

Where is Africa in the World?

The world is round, so it depends where you view it from. In traditional cartography Africa is mostly to the right of the date line (GMT), which puts it in the east

What is Out of Africa?

The theory that mankind began in Africa and eventually migrated around the world.

Where is Africa connected to?

Africa is connected to Asia: Egypt is connected to Jordan, which is in Asia. Africa is almost connected to Europe: Spain is almost connected to Morocco.

Where is Africa and south east Asia?

Africa is the largest continent and it is in the south where the massive sort of elephant shap with tusks shape is. South east Asia (where i come from lol) is basically china.