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He is buried in the cemetery at the oldest Episcopal church in New York City the Trinity Church located at the terminus of Wall Street.
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Was Alexander Hamilton a president?

No, he was never president because he was more interested in  developing solutions which he did while reporting to President  Washington. Contrary to popular misconception,

Is Andrew hamilton related to Alexander Hamilton?

No, no relation (or no close relation -- both did have Scottish ancestry). Andrew Hamilton, the Philadelphia lawyer from the 1735 Zenger trial, died in 1741. Alexander Hamilto

Who was Alexander Hamilton and what did he do?

Alexander Hamilton was one of the most prominent founding fathers in American history. He was the Secratary of Treasury under George Washington, and he had a lot of influenc

How did Alexander Hamilton interpret the constitution?

He believed that if something wasn't forbidden in the constitution, then it was permitted. For example, the United States having a national bank. It wasn't forbidden in the co

What did Alexander Hamilton do?

Alexander Hamilton played a key role in building the American government by serving on Washington's staff for the revolutionary war from 1777-1781. He was the first Secretary

What was Alexander Hamilton about?

Alexander Hamilton was a very important Founding Father and was the first secretary of the treasury. After endorsing Thomas Jefferson for president, Aaron but killed him in a