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England is a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, a country situated off the North West coast of France in Europe.

Longitude: from 6 degrees West to 2 degrees East. Latitude: from 50 to 56 degrees North.
Western europe in the North Sea
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Where is England located?

in UK, Europe north west Europe, south east UK England is a small country attached to the South end of Scotland.

Where is england located in europe?

England is an autonomous country in the UK. It occupies the southern half of the island of Great Britain, bordered by Scotland to the north and Wales to the west. The island o

Where is England situated?

England is the Middle-eastern part of the United Kingdoms, with Scotland on the North and Wales to the West. The United Kingdom itself is an island kingdom situated at the Nor

Where is England in the world?

England is in the northern hemisphere just north of France by the English channel. It is the furthest point west of Europe. England is part of Britain which consists of Englan

Where is England is Canterbury located?

Canterbury is located in South East England in the county of Kent.. It has been populated since prehistoric times and has been linked to famous groups of people such as the R

Where is England in Europe?

England is on the island of Britain, on the west of Europe. See the map below. It is the reddish-coloured country.

Where is England in Great Britain?

Same place. Different name. Edit: Whoever put the above comment doesn't know their geography. 'Same place. Different name.' is completely wrong. England and Wales are the

Where is England exactly located?

England occupies the southern half of the island of Britain which lies off the west coast of the European mainland. Its nearest neighbour is France which is only 22 miles away
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Where is England is there job recruitment?

In England's the United Kingdom there are tons of job recruitment opportunities. Don not let them pass up there is an opportunity for everyone male or female.
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Where is England in south Asia?

England is not a part of South Asia I'm afraid. It happens to be an island off the western coast of Europe.