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Ethiopia is on the Horn of Africa, but not quite on the east coast of Africa. Its neighboring countries are Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya and Eritrea.

To see a close-up map of the Horn of Africa - which shows Ethiopia in relationship to its neighboring countries - see the Related Link.
Eastern Africa.
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Why is Ethiopia poor?

A lack of economy. Well, during the Derg regime, the coutry was under militarty rule and a once advancing country was stopped and dragged behind in time. Poor economic policies for decades has ruined the country. The drought in the 80's was only in the south and not in the entire country.. I have been to Ethiopia myself and I know this for a fact.. "There are many reasons. To name some, the war that was going on for thirty plus years , the recent Ethio-Eritrea war,situated in the unstable horn of Africa, climatic inconsistencies during the main harvest season, over-population, brain drain and because hyperbolic western media said so. ". Poverty is a circumstance and not an identity. Was there not Irish potato famine? Aren't India and China overpopulated? Is political instability unheard of in the middle east?". Even though the all the above are right, the main reason for Ethiopia to be poor was the administration of the evil emperor Haileselasie. He never even built a single road or a power plant or an agriculture investment while he had more than 11bln US dollars in swiz bank. He used poverty as a policy to control people, while he was involved in uniting Africans and well coming Africans in the Caribbeans namely Jamaicans. The derg inherited no wealth from the late king but dept after dept and again it was passed to the present government. Because of the poverty level there.

How big is Ethiopia?

Ethiopia covers an area of 1,127,127 sq km, and, as of July 2009, has an estimated population of 85,237,338. These figures can never be totally accurate due to the high mortality rate due to AIDS, which affects all sectors of the population.

What is Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is a country in the Horn of Africa. It is one of the oldest countries in the world dating back more than 3000 years, the birth place of coffee, one of the few countries that was never colonized, mentioned in the bible about 45 times and home of Lucy - the oldest full human fossil ever discovered.

What do they do for entertainment in Ethiopia?

We have all that you need. - Hang out in bars, pubs or restaurants. - Go to concerts (Beyonce, Akon, Black Eyed Peas were here a few months ago.) - Movies, theaters. - Toursit sites in the south. Fishing, swimming and other water sports. - Dude ...where do I stop?

What was the church of Ethiopia?

I don't know how to express it since i do not have shortage of words to express it. But i can say that Ethiopian Orthodox church is spiritualy alot. There is real pure chiristanity base there. I would like to advice every christian to visit Ethiopian Orthodox church. I am sure you will be amaized.also there are alot of Muslims in Ethiopia

What region is Ethiopia in?

It is known as the Horn of Africa, and consists of Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia. It is in East Africa. The People are called Abasha and speaks Amharic

How was Ethiopia found?

I think that Ethiopia was found accually im talking about addis abeba it was found in 1886. hope that answers your quetion.

How did Ethiopia get its name?

The x king of Ethiopia, namely Hailesilase named it. It is believed that the name " Ethiopia" was derived from greek word. As far as history of the king is concerned, he was a very brutal, killer and abused many people mainly, oromo people. When he was in power the king destroyed the oromo cultures, identity and murdered millions of people, also he used most people as slaves. This is mainly one of the main reason for contradiction of the name "Ethiopia". Some researches have suggested that most people in Ethiopia seemed to agree with the name. However, nearly half the population of the ethiopian people, oromo people are strogly disagree with the name "Ethiopia". This is partly because of they were origion of the ethiopian people; and are the majority in the country, therefore, should be named as Oromiyaa. The abesha, absiniya people where Haile-Silase belongs seemed to happy with the name as he had demostrated most of habesha cultures over the oromia. The domestic political issue, Ethiopia has been experiencing is probably due to the killing/ murdering, destroying the identity of the Oromo people.

What is the money in Ethiopia?

The money in Ethiopia is called Ethiopian Birr (ETB) and 1 USD changes to around 9.72 ETB at the moment I am writing this.

Is Ethiopia a country?

Yes.Ethiopia is located in the horn of Africa,Its capital city is Addis Ababa,It is mainly known exporting coffee to different countries.About 84 languages are spoken.Official language is Amharic.

Why is Ethiopia an Ledc?

Ethiopia is known as an LEDC, because of many reasons like its lack of basic human resources like the amount of food and clean water so that everyone can stay fit and healty.Because of the lack of food and clean water people will get ill and there arnt many hospitals or doctors around. There also isnt many schools so that people are able to get a decent education witch means it will be harder for them to get a job which means its also harder for them to get aa job so they can earn money. lack of public services, obviously it stand s for less economically developed country, its GDP is low, its econmy suffers from inflation and urban growth is low.

What is Ethiopia like?

Ethiopia is a nice country with greet Ethiopian smiles. It has nice cultural attractions for truism and comfortable weather. The Ethiopian society unique in well come for guests. If get a chance I advice you to test the most lovely and favorite food locally called injera and local drink tej. . the bread the eat with the food is injera but the food is a variety plus now the have many places to eat like we do.

Why adopt from Ethiopia?

What kids in Ethiopia usually know is that they have to respect their elders because it is very important to adults that kids respect their elders :]]

Who colonised Ethiopia?

did NOT colonise Ethiopia. Italy tried twice to colonise Ethiopia but failed. Ethiopia has never been colonised

Is Ethiopia a ledc?

yes it is, for a few reasons.. Ethiopia is an LEDC, or classed as a third world country due to its lack of basic human resources e.g food and clean water, lack of amenities, e.g hospitals, schools, police, fire service, lack of public services, obviously it stand s for less economically developed country, its GDP is low, its econmy suffers from inflation and urban growth is low, it does not attract glabal business intrest due to its low wages. it suffers from famine due to the climate, and widespread disease due to lack of health care and clean water suppiles obviously these are all 'push factors' whereas an MEDC has mainly all 'pull factors', the amount of push and pull factors a country has largely determines its status as an MEDC or an LEDC.. Hope this helps

Who is the emperor of Ethiopia?

There are no current emperors of Ethiopia now. Ethiopia has abolished monarchy from the year of 1975.. The emperor used to have the power to control everything. Succession was carried out to any male blood realted relative.. The last emperor of Ethiopia is Haile Selassie.

What is the economy of Ethiopia?

ECONOMY . The current government has embarked on a cautious program of economic reform, including privatization of state enterprises and rationalization of government regulation. While the process is still ongoing, so far the reforms have attracted only meager foreign investment, and the government remains heavily involved in the economy.. The Ethiopian economy is based on agriculture, which contributes 47% to GNP and more than 80% of exports, and employs 85% of the population. The major agricultural export crop is coffee, providing 35% of Ethiopia's foreign exchange earnings, down from 65% a decade ago because of the slump in coffee prices since the mid-1990s. Other traditional major agricultural exports are hides and skins, pulses, oilseeds, and the traditional "khat," a leafy shrub that has psychotropic qualities when chewed. Sugar and gold production has also become important in recent years.. Ethiopia's agriculture is plagued by periodic drought, soil degradation caused by inappropriate agricultural practices and overgrazing, deforestation, high population density, undeveloped water resources, and poor transport infrastructure, making it difficult and expensive to get goods to market. Yet agriculture is the country's most promising resource. Potential exists for self-sufficiency in grains and for export development in livestock, flowers, grains, oilseeds, sugar, vegetables, and fruits.. Gold, marble, limestone, and small amounts of tantalum are mined in Ethiopia. Other resources with potential for commercial development include large potash deposits, natural gas, iron ore, and possibly oil and geothermal energy. Although Ethiopia has good hydroelectric resources, which power most of its manufacturing sector, it is totally dependent on imports for its oil. A landlocked country, Ethiopia has relied on the port of Djibouti since the 1998-2000 border war with Eritrea. Ethiopia is connected with the port of Djibouti by road and rail for international trade. Of the 23,812 kilometers of all-weather roads in Ethiopia, 15% are asphalt. Mountainous terrain and the lack of good roads and sufficient vehicles make land transportation difficult and expensive. However, the government-owned airline's reputation is excellent. Ethiopian Airlines serves 38 domestic airfields and has 42 international destinations.. Dependent on a few vulnerable crops for its foreign exchange earnings and reliant on imported oil, Ethiopia lacks sufficient foreign exchange earnings. The financially conservative government has taken measures to solve this problem, including stringent import controls and sharply reduced subsidies on retail gasoline prices. Nevertheless, the largely subsistence economy is incapable of meeting the budget requirements for drought relief, an ambitious development plan, and indispensable imports such as oil. The gap has largely been covered through foreign assistance inflows. . Real GDP (2006 est.): $13.3 billion. Annual growth rate (2006 est.): 9.6%. Per capita income (2006 est.): $130. Average inflation rate (2006 est.): 13%. Natural resources: Potash, salt, gold, copper, platinum, natural gas (unexploited). Agriculture (47% of GDP): Products --coffee, cereals, pulses, oilseeds, khat, meat, hides and skins. Cultivated land--1 7%. Industry (12% of GDP): Types --textiles, processed foods, construction, cement, and hydroelectric power. Trade (2006 est.): Exports --$1.1 billion. Imports --$4.1 billion; plus remittances--official est. $400 million; unofficial est. $400 million. Fiscal year: July 8-July 7.

What Religions do they have in Ethiopia?

Christianity and Islam are the most common religions in Ethiopia, but there might be some Jewish people too. Christianity has been in Ethiopia longer than Islam.

Does Ethiopia have snow?

Theres not much snow. Some people there havent even seen snow before. just on tv.....lik my cousin who just came from Ethiopia ......last winter is the first time shes ever seen snow ^^ it hails usually not snow

What is the location of Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is bordered by Djibouti and Somalia to the east, Kenya to the south, Eritrea to the north and Sudan to the west, it is country of northeast Africa.

Who founded Ethiopia?

Menelik I, the son of King Solomon and of the Queen of Sheba discovered Ethiopia in 950 BC

Why Ethiopia is poor?

Ethiopians are poor not because we don't have enough resources, minerals or energy. We are poor because we don't have stable politics so far. all regimes Haile Silase, dergi and EPDRF passed through wars, which negatively affect the people and the country. Related to political instability in the country;educated people are either migrated, put into jail or got killed,infrastructural activities were destroyed and so on. besides this all problems, the economy is going well and recovering.it will be better..

What biome is Ethiopia?

The African country of Ethiopia is composed of 4 biomes. Thesebiomes are savannah, mountain, desert, and tropical wooded regions.

Does Ethiopia have a Jesus?

The reality that Ethiopians are existent is a true evidence that they have Jesus . No country in the world has survived such a huge burden of problems: famine, poverty, war, etc as this country. One may ask "why is she not advanced ?". Well, majority of the influence on this country is coming from her own people who are in one way or other inhumanistic. I think God has real time to avoid such obstacles to make the country prosperous and respected. GOD HAS TIME FOR EVERYTHING TO HAPPEN IN THE RIGHT WAY.

Is Ethiopia socialist?

No. they are no longer a socialist country were socialist from September 10, 1987 - May 27, 1991

What is Ethiopia and Liberia?

These are countries that have not been colonized. Ethiopia won in the war with Italy that took approximately five years to finish because Italy almost won and started to bring people from its land but finally Ethiopia won. Liberia was an empty land and when slaves came back from the U.S.A they settled there and the colonization movement was about to finish but i think they had a war too. Anyway, to sum up they are the countries that have never been colonized

What is cultures are in Ethiopia?

The dominant culture in Ethiopia I believe is the Amharic culture although the Oromo people outnumber them. The main religion is Ethiopian Christianity, followed by Sunni Islam.

Who was discover Ethiopia?

No one 'discovered' Ethiopia. People may indeed have been created there. The country is the oldest in Africa, having been known as a country at least since 1,000 BC. It was the home of the Queen of Sheba at that time.

Is Ethiopia Islamic?

Year Christians Ethiopian Orthodox Protestants Catholics Muslims Animists Other . 1994. 61.6% . 50.6%. 10.1%. 0.9%. 32.8% . 4.6% . 1.0% . 2007. 62.8% . 43.5%. 18.6%. 0.7%. 33.9% . 2.6% . 0.7% . Growth . 1.2% . -7.1%' . 8.5% . -0.2% . 1.1% . -1.2% . -0.3% .

How did Jews get to Ethiopia?

Nobody knows for sure, but there are some opinions that they went with the queen of Sheba in the time of King Solomon.

Where Ethiopia located?

Ethiopia is located in between butcheecksania, and goochistan. If this answer helped, please post me a sample of your urine, to PO BOX 6673, London SM75 6JZ.

What is Ethiopia good for?

In comparison to many other parts of the world, Ethiopia may not of very significant influence. However, within Africa, it is known as the top honey/coffee producing country. It is also one of the most dominant economic powerhouses of Africa, so in the future, Ethiopia can progress to becoming a greater country.

Why does it not rain in Ethiopia?

It does rain in Ethiopia, its one of the most rainy places in Africa having four different rain seasons and aveageing overm 200mm of rain.

Are there deserts in Ethiopia?

The Eastern Desert (Sahara) enters Ethiopia. The Danakil Desertlies in the Afar Triangle. It extends into the north-east ofEthiopia.

Why was Ethiopia not colonize?

Ethiopia was never colonized by ANY European country. Italy tried twice to colonize Ethiopia. The reason Ethiopia was never colonized was because under a centralized government by Menelik the II, Ethiopians had attained guns and had a well organized military and went to battle in a structured way. Ethiopians believe that they were also helped by Saint Giyorgis, but thats from a religious point of view.

Who rules Ethiopia?

The Lion of Judah Emperor Haile Selassie I King of Kings & Lord of Lords Tsume Igzee'abiher Power of the Trinity

Why Ethiopia not colonised?

Ethiopia defeated the invading colonial army of Italy at the Battle of Adwa in 1896. The success in the battlefield was followed by astute diplomacy of King Menelik II to ensure the country's independence by European states. He signed a treaty with Italy whereby Italy ensured Ethiopia's sovereignty in exchange for return of captured Italian and colonial soldiers. He subsequently managed to carry on a balanced diplomatic act of balancing the British interests against the French in the Horn to ensure that other colonial powers wouldn't undermine its sovereignty and colonise it. Ethiopia's independence was achieved through defeating colonial Italy in 1896 and subsequent signing of tripartite agreement with France and Britain in 1906.

Was Sheba in Ethiopia?

The Bible doesn't say. Tradition claims that Ethiopia was part of Sheba (home of the Sabeans), but Biblical Ethiopia was primarily found in present-day Sudan, whereas some scholars feel that Sheba was located in southwest Arabia, most likely in modern-day eastern Yemen.

Is Ethiopia a MEDC?

No, Ethiopia would not be a MEDC. No, Ethiopia would not be a MEDC. No, Ethiopia would not be a MEDC. No, Ethiopia would not be a MEDC. No, Ethiopia would not be a MEDC. No, Ethiopia would not be a MEDC. No, Ethiopia would not be a MEDC. No, Ethiopia would not be a MEDC. No, Ethiopia would not be a MEDC. No, Ethiopia would not be a MEDC. No, Ethiopia would not be a MEDC.

What is famous about Ethiopia?

The people the food the culture, and especially the history. There are many sites to see in Ethiopia like the churches and the buildings. Now Ethiopia is kind of like a replica of New York city, but just in Africa. I would know this because I'm Ethiopian :)

Who is getnetabebe in Ethiopia?

getnetabebe is ethiopia patriot more or less throughpeaceful way now he post on cnn freedom figheter group for equalyshare in history in ethiopia.

What is something about ethiopia?

Ethiopia is a country located in the Horn of Africa. It has apopulation of approximately 93 million inhabitants. It is amultilingual country with over 80 distinct ethnic groups.