Where is Europe?

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Answer . . .Europe is not an island nor a country but a continent which is located Eastward from the U.S. is divided by the North Atlantic ocean. Asia is to it's East. Europe comprises the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia.
Countries such as Germany, France, Poland, Switzerland and Luxembourg are some of the countries that make up Europe.

Europe is a large peninsula on the western end of the Eurasian continent, and is located directly north of the African continent, separated from Africa by the Mediterranean Sea. Its eastern limit is the Caucuses mountains. Britain and Ireland are considered part of Europe, as are other adjacent small islands such as parts of Fenno-scandia.
It is also located right next to Asia it is one of the biggest continents in the world

where is Europe located?
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What is Europe?

Europe is one of the worlds seven continents like Africa and Asia

For you Europe is.?

\na fun place to live. I personally prefer eastern and central europe.

Where is Europe in Greece?

i assume you mean 'where is Greece in Europe' Greece is in the Mediterranean, by Turkey, Albania & Italy

Where is Europe on the globe?

Europe occupies the western peninsula of Eurasia. It is north of Africa, west of Asia, and east of North America. It borders the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Arctic Ocea

Where is Europe situated?

Between the Ural mountains and the North Sea and between the Mediterranean Sea and the Arctic Ocean.
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Where is Europe on Earth?

Europe is mostly located in the Eastern Hemisphere in addition to the Northern Hemisphere (although Europe also lies in the Western Hemisphere). It is north of Africa and occu
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Where is Europe in the would?

Europe is mainly located in the Northeastern Hemisphere. It is north of Africa and occupies the western portion of Eurasia.
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Where is Europe located in Asia?

Europe is not in Asia. They are two different continents on one landmass. That landmass is often called Eurasia. Europe makes up the western end of it, with most of Eurasia ta