Where is Gibraltar?

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Gibraltar is a British colony, an overseas territory of the UK. It's a tiny area, less than six square kilometers (2.2 sq miles). The Rock of Gibraltar itself looks over the area, standing nearly 430 meters (1,400 feet) high. Gibraltar's location is important. It stands at the mouth of the Mediterranean, at the bottom of the Iberian peninsula, and only 20km (12 miles) from the north coast of Africa. It has a NATO base, including a port and airstrip. Tourists enjoy the cheap alcohol and tobacco available because of the Rock's tax-free status. And of course there are the famous apes. They were brought over from North Africa by British soldiers, and now roam freely on the Rock.
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How do i get from Malaga to Gibraltar?

You can either get a bus from Malaga Airport to malag bus station and then a further bus from there to La Linea, it takes around 3 hours at the cost of ten euros. You can also

Where is Gibraltar mentioned in the bible?

its not. Not sure who answered the above.... YES, Actually it is mentioned in the bible here is just one reference. "You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind i

Where is Gibraltar located?

The Rock of Gibraltar is located in Gibraltar, off Southwestern Spain on the Iberian Peninsula. It is only several miles from the coast of North Africa, at the entrance to the

Where is Gibraltar Great Britain?

The Rock of Gibraltar is a self governing British Protectorate attached to the south coast of Spain. In years gone by, it was absolutely essential for defence purposes as all
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Where is Gibraltar Spain?

Gibraltar is located at the southern most tip of Spain, although it is not Spanish it's actually a British Territory.