Where is Greenland?

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Greenland is an autonomous region of the European country of Denmark, and consists of a vast island stretching from the North Atlantic Ocean to the Arctic Ocean along the northeast coast of North America. It lies immediately east of northern Canada.

It is the largest island in the world, aside from the continent of Australia. Its major feature is the miles-thick icecap that occupies the majority of the island, which is the second largest icecap (after Antarctica) on Earth. The north-south length of Greenland is about 1800 miles (2900 km), the east-west dimension ranging from 400 to 800 miles (640 to 1280 km).
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Why was Greenland called Greenland?

Although the coasts of the island are very green in the summer when they are ice-free, it may have been part of the colonization efforts by its discoverer, Erik the Red (Danis

Why did the vikings name Greenland Greenland?

Some danish guy named it Greenland because it sounded good. Though some people say he called it Grundland (Groundland) and somehow it became Grønland (Greenland)...

Where is Greenland island located?

Greenland is located North East of Canada and North West of Iceland. Look on a map, it's nice and big, you will find it easily.

What can you do in Greenland?

nothing, its just a island 15 times bigger than the uk that is covered with snow so you can just have snowball fights