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Aaron was born and raised in Mobile, AL. He was born February 5, 1934.
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What number is Hank Aaron?

  Hammerin' Hank Aaron number 44   Hank Aaron wore uniform number 5 his first year for the 1954 Milwaukee Braves, and "The hammer" wore number 44 for the rest of his

What did Hank Aaron do after he retired?

Some things he did after he retired were: write books, and became senior vice president of the Atlanta braves.

What teams did Hank Aaron play for?

Hank Aaron played for the Milwaukee Braves (1954-1965), Atlanta Braves (1966-1974), and Milwaukee Brewers (1975-1976).

Were is Hank Aaron from?

Aaron was born and raised in Mobile, AL. He was born February 5,  1934. he is awe

Is Lary Aaron Hank Aaron?

no, Lary Aaron is a son of Hank Aaron.

How did Hank Aaron make a difference?

What a fantastic question!! Where to start... Aaron was a power hitter who also hit for high batting average. He was a defensive standout, in my opinion the best right fielder

Who is Hank Aaron?

Henry "Hank" Aaron was born on February 5, 1934. He was an American baseball player and is now a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. He is most famous for setting the Major L

Why is hammering hank the nickname for Hank Aaron?

  Hank Aaron hit more home-runs than anyone after Babe Ruth - and anybody before the 'steroids era' of baseball.

What did Hank Aaron do?

He was the first to break Babe Ruth's homerun record.

About Hank Aaron?

Hank Aaron was a Major League Baseball right fielder from 1954  through 1976 with Atlanta Braves. He was affectionately known as  "Hammer.