Where is Hinduism practice?

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Hinduism, a religion originating in Northern India, is practiced in buildings somewhat like churches, and cinegogs, but Hindus practice in buildings known as "Mandirs". Hinduism is most commonly practiced in India, but can be found in many countries around the world.
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Where is Hinduism practiced?

Hinduism is practiced in many countries, but the country with the largest population of Hindus is India.Hinduism, a religion originating in Northern India, is practiced in bui

How is Hinduism practiced?

Hinduism is the third largest practiced religion in the world.It's a worship of many gods in forms of idols, symbols, animals.basically all organisms are symbolised as equals

How is the Hinduism practiced?

Hinduism is one of, if not the, most complex religions in the word having numerous deities and practices. Many of the practices vary region to region or even town to town. Tho

What are Hinduism practices?

Hindu practices to have a clean body and mind.All the Hindu rituals advocate good tradition to have a peaceful coexistence.

What percent the world practices Hinduism?

According to religioustolerance.org, there are 837 million followers of Hinduism in the world, about 13 percent of the world's population. See related links for more inform
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How do Hinduism people practice there beliefs?

Hinduism is not like any other Religion. It has no founder nor basic tenets. so it is the most free Religion on earth. There are no fundamental Hindus because there are no f