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Hitler does not have a grave, his body was cremated and his ashes was thrown in the Elbe river in Germany.

As the soviet Army approached Berlin, Hitler instructed his adjutant to burn both his body and Eva Hitler (nee Braun)'s body.

Hitler and Eva's remains were apparently discovered on May 4 but then returned to the ground as apparently the discovering Russians believed Hitler had already been found. When it emerged Hitler hadn't been discovered his body was quickly exhumed by SMERSH, a department of the Soviet 3rd Army and taken to a clinic in the town of Buch.

Kete Hoiserman, the assistant of Hitler's dentist, had been captured and located X-ray files. An examination was carried out on May 8, the Russians positively identified Hitler's dentures, and then issued a report.

In July, Stalin told his Allies at the Potsdam Conference that Hitler's body had not been found. The British government launched their own investigation but when published Hugh-Trevor Roper's report focused on the circumstances surrounding the death and not Hitler's body; the NKVD opened a new investigation in 1946 and uncovered a skull fragment and the report of May 8 had specified that "a skull fragment appears to be missing."

Hitler and Goebbels and their wives along with the Goebbels' six children were interred in Finov, exhumed once more when SMERSH moved, they were exhumed again on May 15, following another move, then buried totally unmarked on the outskirts of a small town called Rathenow in Brandenburg then were later moved to Klausnerstrasse in Magdeburg to the courtyard of a building where the 79th Rifle Division were based.

On March 13th, 1970, with a handover of control regarding the Magdeburg building imminent, the head of the KGB Yuri Andropov wrote "[Given the] possibility of construction or other earth moving operations on the location that may result in the discovery of the burial site, I hereby suggest that the remains be exhumed and destroyed by incineration."

In the early hours of April 5 the remains were exhumed for a ninth time. They were cremated and the ashes were mixed with charcoal, then cast into the River Ehle, near Biederitz.

As part of a 2000 exhibition in Moscow entitled The Agony of the Third Reich: The Retribution a fragment of skull, claimed by the Russians to be Hitler's, was displayed.
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What was Hitler's nickname?

His title from 1934 was the Fuhrer. He used the name "Herr Wolf" when traveling in secrecy in his early days. He was also called nicknames like "Ade," "Adi," and "Ahi." Behind his back he was referred to as "the Manitou" which is an American Indian term for a kind of haunting spirit, often (MORE)

What was Hitler's SS?

Answer . The SS(Shutzstaffel) or Praetorian Guard was Hitler's personal bodyguard unit. Constructed after the takeover of Germany, the SS was led by SS-Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler who inducted ceremonial rites and codes into the military division. On the Night of the Long Knives, the SS was us (MORE)

What were Hitler's goals?

Hitler wanted to make germnay an ideal nation for himself. he wanted all women to just stay at home and raise children for the superior German race. he wanted all the males to be fit and ready to fight in the army. In the end, he just wanted Germany to re-unite with Austria and to have as much terri (MORE)

What was Hitler's IQ?

Hitler never took an IQ test. Based on historical studies, he had above average intelligence. He wrote one book, which is not highly regarded for it's intellectual content or prose. He had some artistic ability, but not enough to qualify him for entrance into an art school. He was not unusuall (MORE)

What was Hitler's agenda?

To achieve total and tyrannical power. He was a complete fanatic.He wanted to annihilate all those he believed inferior. Despite thefact that really only disabled people were inferior (but really notby much), he tried to eliminate tens of millions of innocent peoplebecause of his beliefs.

What are Hitler's propaganda?

Answer . Hitler's propaganda was his Nazi ideology which was Aryan supremacist and taught racial hatred for Jews, Slavs, gypsys and several other racial groups.

What was Hitler's SA?

The SA were the "Brown Shirts" which had Ernst Rohm as its leader. The SS was formed as Hitler's bodyguard later and their uniforms were black.

What were Hitler's qualifications?

he had the following. French: unsatisfactory. German: adequate. History: satisfactory. Mathematics: unsatisfactory. Chemistry: adequate. Geography: satisfactory. Gymnastics: excellent. Physics: adequate. Art: excellent. Geometry: adequate. I aimed to strengthen Aryan children physically b (MORE)

What were Hitler's philosophies?

Hitlers hatred of the Jews and a number of other groups sprang from the fact that he saw them as being in the way of the ultimate progress of the nation of Germany. This is one reason why he implemented euthanasia on those he believed were mentally defective. The philosophy of Nietzsche who taught a (MORE)

What is Hitler's reputation?

Well. He was a greedy person who wanted to take over soo many countries and probably the whole entire world... he always started wars...

What was Hitler's book about?

Hitler's autobiography "Mein Kampf" is translated to "My Struggle." It basically sums up his suck fest of a life.

What was Hitler's education?

As a young boy Hitler excelled in school and was very outgoing. Butafter the death of his brother in 1900 he became morose, detached,and sullen, this coincided with his beginning at the the Realschulein his first semester his performance in Mathematics and NaturalHistory was unsatisfactory and he ha (MORE)

What was Hitler's blitzkrieg?

It was a new style of warfare in which tanks pierced holes in enemy lines followed up by mass infantry assaults. Blitzkrieg translation lightning war.

Who was Hitler's sister?

Paula Hitler but most known as Paula Wolf . When Hitler rose to power in Germany and Europe, he made Paula change her name from Paula Hitler to Paula Wolff - Wolff was Adolf Hitler's nickname Adolf and Paula had three other siblings but they all died before adulthood.

Who was Hitler's niece?

Adolf Hitler was a key figure in the Second World War. Hitler has aniece who was called Geli Raubal.

What were Hitler's belief?

Hitler believed in power. He loved Jewish people and didn't want to risk their security in the upcoming war he had planned. His battle was initially for uniting all of his beloved German people. As he sought on his conquest he requested the allies to allow him to unite all German lands. INstead the (MORE)

What was Hitler's motive?

The simple answer in "Lebensraum" which means living space in German. Hitler wanted raw materials, and land.

Where are Hitler's remains?

Hitler had himself cremated after he committed suicide. He likely did this out of fear that the same thing would be done to his body as Mussolini's. Mussolini's body was mistreated, shall we say, after his eventual captured As a result, Hitler effectively has no locatable remains.

When was Hitler's suicide?

No one exactly knows how he died or what was the cause of his death. Although, prove has been found in his skull that shows that he shot him self or someone else shot him, but I wouldn't call this a fact, I would call this a theory because truly no one knows. In a religious view, many people say (MORE)

What was Hitler's occupation?

right now its being dead but it use to be president of Germany he was not a dictator like Mow or Stallone but in WWI he was a general

What was Hitler's ideologies?

hitler's ideology was related to the geopolitical concepts of livings space he believed that new factories were to be acquired for settlement. this would enhance the area of the mother country and it would also enhance the material resources and power of the german nation

What was Hitler's rise?

He started to rise when he became Chancellor of Germany January 30, 1933. He ran as vice president with Paul von Hidenburg. When Hidenburg died, he told the German people he that he would take them out of the Depression. The people elected him.

What was Hitler's Trial?

Hitler was tried in 1924 for his attempt to seize control of Bavaria in November 1923. The presiding judge was a secret member of the NSDAP and the trial was a farce. Hitler was allowed to deliver length political speeches from the dock ...

What Were Hitler's failures?

His biggest blunder, was that he never listended to his military advisors. E.g. that he should continue going for England, and not go into Russia then.

What was Hitler's epitaph?

He does not have an epitaph. He was cremated and his ashes were scattered in the Elbe River in Germany.

What did Hitler's parents do?

His father, Alois Schicklgruber, served as a customs officer in Austria while his mother, Klara Pölzl, was a housekeeper.

What is Hitler's army?

The German Army under Adolf Hitler's rule (1933-1945) was known as the Wehrmacht (lit; "Defensive Might" ).

What was Hitler's philosophies?

Murdering and doing "bad dirty" things to them and i dont mean the concentration camps. 15yr olds and above would know what i mean.

What was Hitler's uniform?

Hitler usually wore a brown uniform with a brown hat that was the uniform of the Nazi Party leaders. He also wore an Iron Cross 1st Class that he earned during WW1. Another Answer From the outbreak of the war, Hitler wore a double-breasted grey uniform with no insignia other than a gold-colour (MORE)

Where was Hitler's hide out?

he probably had more than one but his safest one is known as "Hornets Nest". it had under ground tunnels and a thick rock roof and he had guards and false passages just in-case it was being attacked by ground troops they could be tricked into going into a dead end and would take them much longer to (MORE)

Who was Hitler's idol?

One of Hitler's idol was the ruler of Italy, Giovanni Mussolini who he got his trademark salute from.

What is the name of Hitler's grave site?

He does not have a gravesite. The Soviets buried him under a false name, but he was later dug up and cremated. His ashes were scattered in the Elbe River in Germany.

What was Hitler's strategy?

Hitler's strategy was a complex and ever changing plan, subject to his whims as much as to his generals' advice. Hitler didn't believe that France and Great Britain would go to war over Poland. Once the war was on, Germany attempted to find a peace with France and Great Britain but failed. Germany t (MORE)

Who was Hitler's opponent?

He had many opponents. At the begging of the war Neville Chamberlain was Prime Minister of Great Britain. Although Hitler's opponent is most commonly known to be Winston Churchill who was Prime Minister after Chamberlain.

Where is Hitler's corpse?

he is located under his OWN house next to my butt crack Okay, ignore the last person's comment. Now, I'm not sure if this is really ture or not, but I have heard two different answers to this question. Number 1: Hitler's body was never found. He could not be found because he disappeared, and (MORE)

Where are Hitler's cars?

Leader of the Hitler Youth, Arthur Axmann, used Hitler's Mercedes to flee the Fuhrerbunker after Hitler committed suicide, according to the book Aftermath: Martin Bormann and the Fourth Reich. The whereabouts of Hitler's vehicle was probably of little importance to the allies. Axmann, to my knowle (MORE)

Who were Hitler's partners?

Eva Braun was his mistress and later his wife, and during world war two, his allies were Japan and Italy.

Did Hitler's have a daughter?

No, Hitler had no children.hitler s a ruthless man he considered woman below his feet , he would never in his dreams have a daughter

Who was Hitler's Merlin?

'Hitler's Merlin' is the nickname commonly given to Karl Haushofer, a professor of geopolitics at Munich University who played a prominent behind-the-scenes role in the Nazi party. He was a personal acquaintance of Hitler and helped him write Mein Kampf, afterwards serving as the intellectual face o (MORE)

What was Hitler's struggle?

Hitler struggled to conquer the world and to establish the supremacy of the Aryan race, at the expense of all other races, particular the Jews whom he hated and murdered in very large numbers.

What is Hitler's regime?

To kill anyone against or not part of the master race- Germans. He killed Jews because he thought they were in the way of making Germans the master race because they weren't what Germans were.

What is Hitler's checklist?

I have never heard this term used. Obviously this could be any military or click-off procedural type of log register, could even refer to something akin to a Missile Countdown, the idea of which was invented by the German rocket scientist Herrman Oberth ( at the time serving as a technical advisor t (MORE)