Where is Kentucky?

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It is between Tennessee and Indiana, in the Eastern Central part of the United States. Kentucky is sometimes called a southern state, more specifically of the upland south. It is also occasionally referred to as being in the midwest.
Kentucky is located in the south
right below Ohio
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What is Kentucky?

Kentucky is a state in the USA that is famous for horse racing. It is located in the middle eastern part of the US.

What can you do in Kentucky?

One thing you could do in Kentucky in go to the Kentucky Derby. You can visit Mammoth Cave National Park, Lincoln's Birthplace and childhood home, as well as see the world'

Where is Kentucky located in the US?

In the east, above Tennessee, below Indiana. Other possible and correct answers could include but are not limited to:. East of th Pacific Ocean and west of the Atlantic Ocean

Why was Kentucky named Kentucky?

The specific reason is unknown, but the most logical belief is that it came from an Iroqouian word meaning meadow or prarie

Where is Kentucky in the US?

Mapreading 101: . South of the Great Lakes. . North of the eastern Gulf of Mexico. . West of the Chesapeake Bay. . East of Las Vegas. . Or if you have one of those litt

What can you do at Kentucky?

You can first off go to the Kentucky derby if you are there at the right time. then you can also go to the Louisville slugger factory where they make the bats and it is a muse
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Is Kentucky Fried really from Kentucky?

Yes, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken actually opened his first restaurant there.hope this helped for why ever you need this information. please recommend and give me goo