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The country of Lebanon is mountainous, bounded on the north and east by Syria, on the west by the Mediterranean and on the south by Israel. Between the parallel mountains ranges of Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon lies the fertile Bekka Valley. About one-half of the country lies at an altitude of over 3,000 ft. There are also cities named 'Lebanon' in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia, USA.
Lebanon is located in the Middle East. It is bordered by both Syria and Israel. Lebanon is home to over four million people.
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Where is Lebanon located?

Lebanon is located on the east end of the Mediterranean Sea. Israel is to the south of Lebanon while Syria is to the northeast. Hope that gives you a general idea. Much simple

Is Lebanon a country?

Yes, Lebanon is a country, the link below is the Wikipedia page for it. a small country

How did Lebanon started?

It was a part of the turkish kingdom, Al Saltanah Al Osmaniyyah. Then after the World War 1 , this kingdom lost in the battle against France and England, some of the causes we

What to buy from Lebanon?

What ever you want, clothes and electronics... Make sure you come in May or July, the sales are like 80% here.

Does Lebanon have a dictator?

Why the hell would we have a dictator?Ohh i see,you think we'relike those other countries that kill gay people on sight,wellyou're wrong. It's a free country/ .:When Dictator

Is Mount Lebanon in Lebanon?

Mount Lebanon was a province in Lebanon during the ottoman period, the French expanded it to become Lebanon. Currently, Mount Lebanon is one of 6 governorates of Lebanon, and
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Where is Lebanon beyrut located at?

Beirut is the capital of Lebanon, and is located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon is bordered by Israel in the South, and in the North and East by Syria.
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Where is Lebanon Valley College located?

Lebanon Valley College is located at 101 North College Avenue, Annville, PA 17003. The campus is on 340 acres 8 miles east of Hershey, PA. It was founded in 1866 and has 1600