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Luxembourg is a landlocked country in northwest Europe, bordered by Belgium, Germany, and France. It lies South of Belgium, West of Germany, and East of France.
Luxembourg was created as a duchy in 1354, and ruled successively by Burgundy, Spain, Austria, and France between 1443 and 1797. It was made a grand duchy of the Netherlands by the Congress of Vienna (1814-1815). In 1839 the greater part of it passed to Belgium. The remainder became autonomous in 1848 and was declared a neutral and independent territory in 1867. Luxembourg is the capital. Population: 474,000.

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Luxembourg is located South of Belgium, West of Germany, and East of France - touching all three borders.
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Where is Luxembourg gardens?

In Paris, France. It's the garden of the Senate (the upper house of french Parliament) and it's the biggest garden in Paris.. At night, it turns to be a military camp forbidd

What does Luxembourg produce?

Some of the things produced by Luxembourg are steel, iron, tires,aluminum, and glass. A good deal of information technology alsocomes out of Luxembourg.

Is Luxembourg in France?

No, Luxembourg is a country in its own right. It is surrounded by France, Germany and Belgium.

Is Luxembourg small?

Yes, only because the Nazi's and the French and the Belgium took away it's land in the 1940's but even then it was small.

What is Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is a country in Western Europe that has borders withGermany, France, and Belgium. The capital of this country isLuxembourg City. The total area of this country is 2