Where is Ohio?

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Ohio is in what is called the "midwestern" part of the United States. It is located between Ohio and Pennsylvania in the northeastern part of the continental US.
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Where is Ohio river located?

The Ohio river is located on the east side of the united states. . It is connected to the Mississippi river and ends in Pennsylvania.

Where is ohio located on the map?

Ohio is located in the west from Pennsylvania, north from WestVirginia and Kentucky, east from Indiana and south from Michigan.

Where is Ohio University?

The Ohio University is found in southeast Ohio, in the city of Athens. It is the oldest university west of the Appalachian mountain range in the United States of America.

Where is Ohio on a map?

Between Indiana and Pennsylvania, south of Lake Erie and north of the Ohio River.

What can you do in Ohio?

There's alot to do starting with all kinds of malls, Kalahari in Sandusky, Casta Way Bay, Cedar Point, and go spend a nice evening on the Lake Erie beaches. :)
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Where is ohio state capital located?

Columbus, the capital city in theU.S. state of Ohio, is located near the geographic center of thestate.