Where is Punjab located?

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There is a Punjab region in South Asia and a state in India called Punjab. There is also a province in Pakistan with this name as well as a district in Afghanistan.

What is Punjab?

Punjab is a country in northern india that is mostly flat

Where is the Punjab region?

There are two Punjabs, one in India and the other one in Pakistan. One is in north western India, and eastern Pakistan.

Who was Punjab?

about what are you questning ??? Indian state Punjab or Pakistani state Punjab

Who are punjabs?

The word Punjab is a combinded word punj-ab punj means 5 and ab means water so it means 5 waters(land of 5 waters), as you know its a state in India. So the people who live in

Punjab national bank of Punjab?

There are branches of National Bank of Pakistan in Punjub provinceof Pakistan. By a self-name, there is no Punjub National Bank ofPunjub in Punjub. But in India, there is a Ba

Why Punjab is called Punjab?

The word "Punjab" is a combination of the Persian Language words panj (Five) and āb (Water), giving the literal meaning of the "Land of Five Rivers". The five rivers after

Islamabad is in Punjab?

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan, which is not the part of any provinceof Pakistan. http://www.dlx.com.pk

What is the location of the state Punjab?

There used to be a state Punjab in undivided India. When India was divided intp Pakistan and India, the Punjab state was also divided and now each of the two countries have a