Where is TK Maxx in limerick?

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Parkway retail park. Off the dublin road on the way to Castletroy.
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Mission statement for TK Maxx?

"Our mission is to deliver an exciting, fresh and rapidly changing assortment of brand-name merchandise at excellent values to our customers. We define value as the combinatio

Where does tk maxx get its stock?

\n. \nTK Maxx is very good at sourcing its stock - which is why their business has become so large in the past 12 years or so. There are many different ways they receive thei

Why is tj maxx called tk maxx in the UK?

T.J. Maxx, adopted the name T.K. Maxx for stores in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Poland to avoid confusion with the existing but separate discount chain T J Hughes
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Why are tk maxx so successful?

because they buy in clothes that do not meet the manufacturers standards for very cheap and people buy them because they are actually fine

What are the weaknesses of tk maxx?

They have some really nice things in there, but some of them are not suitable for their origional shops i.e. they are the wrong size to the lable, they are the wrong pattern t
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What kind of items does TK Maxx sell?

TK Maxx offers brand name products at low prices. Products include women's apparel, men's and children's clothing, wedding dresses and tuxedos, shoes, and swimwear.