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Toronto is located in the Canadian province of Ontario. It's on the north shore of Lake Ontario, about 50 miles from Buffalo, NY by air
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Is Toronto in Quebec?

Toronto is in Ontario (the province to the west of Quebec.) Look left from Quebec, along the long river (St. Lawrence River) at the lower edge of the map. You'll see Lake Onta

Why is Toronto called Toronto?

The Word Toronto means "Meeting Place", Since Toronto is Canada's Largest City, It is where all the business is done, and where politics takes place. It is called the meeting

What providence is Toronto in?

Providence is a city in Rhode Island, among other things. The word you are thinking of is province and the answer is Ontario.

What is Torontos Capital?

Toronto is it's on city in Ontario, Canada. The capital of Canada, is Ottawa. So, being Canadian, and smart... I am correct, and you are well... Bad at geography.

What can you do in toronto?

From indoor to outdoor amusement parks, you can ride a carousel  anytime of the year!

Why is Toronto important?

  Lots of reasons. For one, it's a huge city - there's about 5.5 million people in the Toronto urban area, or about one-sixth of the entire population of Canada. Polit

What timezone is Toronto?

Answer   Currently, Toronto is in the Eastern Daylight Time Zone which is Greenwich Mean Time minus 4 hours. When Daylight Savings Time ends Toronto will be Greenwich Me

How do you get from Toronto to Tobermory?

  Driving from Toronto to Tobermory, first get yourself to Owen Sound.   You can either take 400 and then 26 to Owen Sound, or pick up 10 west of Toronto and take it al

Does it snow in Toronto?

Yup, it certainly does! The only debate is really just when. And when it is snow season, it usually lasts for 6-8 months. This past year, the snow did not completely melt for

What is the capital of Toronto?

Toronto is a city but if your were intending to say what is was the capital city of the answer would be Ontario so Toronto is the capital of Ontario

What was Toronto?

  Toronto was incorporated as a city in 1834. Prior to that Toronto was called York.
In Ontario

Which was 1st Toronto on or Toronto oh?

The City of Toronto, in the colony of Upper Canada, was incorporated on March 6, 1834, but the area had been known as Toronto as early as 1615 when it was visited by Étienne