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Why Was It Called Valley Forge?

A forge is a place where a blacksmith makes things out of metal. There was a forge that was used as a point of reference to identify that particular valley.

What did valley forge come to stand for?

Valley Forge stands for great hardship for the American people that suffered through the during the war.

What is the importance of Valley Forge?

"Washington stayed with his men on those cold winter nights, and he earned their respect in the battles ahead!" (as Pyro202 answered to question "What was so significant about

What was life like at valley forge?

Valley forge was a crule place for the army.They had no food,water, or a place to stay.This was a crule winter for Valley Forge and the army of Wahington.

For what is valley forge remembered?

Valley Forge is remembered for an area outside Philidelphia where George Washington wintered his troops for war.

What is the significance of the winter at Valley Forge?

It was a major turning point in the American Revolution. Valley Forge Site in Pennsylvania 32 km/20 mi northwest of Philadelphia, USA, where George Washington's army spent the

How many died at Valley Forge?

I can't give an exact answer. There were 11,000-14,000 soldiers at Valley Forge. At least 2,500 died of disease. I would say about 4000-6000 died. Sorry for not giving an ex

What led up to Valley Forge?

they were fighting in Europe and moved to Scotland then set sail and fought on boats and ended up dieing from the war they had on the boat and were left with mush well the peo

What happened at the Battle of Valley Forge?

There never was a battle with the enemy at Valley Forge. The only  battle fought there was the one the Americans waged against the  elements and starvation. Over two thousan
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What did the Winter at Valley Forge prove?

The particularly severe  winter of 1777-1778  proved to be a great trial for the American army, and of the  11,000 soldiers stationed at  Valley Forge, hundreds died fr