Where is a good place to level up a Pokemon on level 25 in LeafGreen?

If you have beaten the Elite Four, go back and defeat them again with the Pokemon you want to level up holding an Exp Share.
Get the Vs Seeker and go west of Lavender Town until you get to the line of people. Use the Vs Seeker and when you're done, recharge it, go back and do it again. Repeat this until your Pokemon is on your desired level.
also if you have beat the elite four and can get to the seven islands go to seven island and go down their path tell you come to 2 trainers on she be a girl with a chansey the chancey knows theses moves hardboiledegg, minamize, defencec curl and egg bomb
battling her and winning should give you about 3000 exp and the other guy before her has 2 exagutor and one tangla this guy is very easy but that's only if you have a high lvl fire type if you are going to train any thing else their remember to have lots of parzely awaken and antidot it should help (he like making you PZL so buy more of them ) that should help you get to lvl 100 fast i used it and it worked for all my lvl 100's. good luck (if questions ask me at smurfitt_7@hotmail.com)
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Where is a good place to train electric Pokemon level 50 and up in leaf green?

It is best to train electric Pokemon in water. Its always super effective. Hope this helps.I trained my zapdos on the first two trainers (swimmer Melissa and picknicker missy) (MORE)
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How do you level up easily on Pokemon daycare on leafgreen?

Every step you take counts as 1 experience for the Pokemon in the daycare so if you get a bike (if you don't know how you talk to some guy who is in his house in vermillion ci (MORE)

The best place to level up your Pokemon on LeafGreen?

After the Elite Four you can go into the Cerulean Cave, there are the strongest Pokémon in the game. I usually do this way: 1. Give EXP.SHARE to your Pokémon you want to le (MORE)
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What is a good place to level up your Pokemon I have a level 22 Gyarados I need to level up. I am up to the Elite Four so theres no trainers to battle. Is there a place with high levels in grass?

I would say you should get a legendary Pokemon like Palkia,but it will take some hours to get it.You can also level up by going to Mount Coronet there are Low level pokemons l (MORE)
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What is a easy way to level up Pokemon in leafgreen?

The fastest way I know is Exp. share.A really easy way is to put your highest level Pokemon in front and give the Exp. share to a weak Pokemon (Level 1-25). Go to Victory Road (MORE)
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Good way to level up Pokemon?

when you got a bike go north from mauville city with an acro bike and two of the Pokemon in daycare you want to level up. go north towards lava ridge town but before you reach (MORE)
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