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Pulleys afford a mechanical advantage in, for example, the lifting of heavy or awkward loads to various heights. While pulleys are not particularly efficient (energy is lost to friction, and the pulleys and cables/ropes add their own weight to the load lifted), they allow the application of a lesser force over a greater distance.

The effect of a pulley is analogous to the gears of a bicycle; a lower gear makes it easier to turn the pedals, but they must be turned more often for the bicycle to travel the same distance. Likewise, a pulley system makes it easier to lift a load, but the length of cable used to lift the load is greater than the distance the load is lifted. The more pulleys that are used, the easier it is to lift the load, but the longer the length of cable needed to lift the the same distance.

Examples of pulley usage in the real world include:

- lifting heavy machinery, materials, and tools to heights at building sites.

- hoisting patients between a bed and wheelchair using a sling attached to pulleys, allowing the task to be undertaken by a single person.
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How are pulleys used?

It is used to pull things up or down

Where else are pulleys used?

pulleys were used at construction sites to lift heavy medal rods

How a pulley is used to raise a flag?

Two snap hooks are fastened to the loop of lanyard that runs through the pulley. The flag is fastened to the lanyard with the hooks, and the lanyard is pulled through the pull

Why are pulleys used?

in a elevator

What are compound pulleys used for?

Compound pulleys are used in a similar manner to a gearbox. You can select the ratio to suit the load and the power source. With the correct pulley combination one man can lif

What is the pulley used for?

A pulley is a big wheel. It is easier to pull a rope down that to lift something up. Thus, it is easy to attach a rope to a heavy object and throw the rope around the pulley.

Who uses pulleys?

construction workers

What do you use the pulley for?

you use a pulley to lift a car engine

What are the uses of pulley?

the uses of pulley is to carry things above and below and to make distribution of things easier.