Where is basic training for navy seals?

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The training for the Navy SEALs takes place in Coronado, California. Its called BUDs (basic underwater demolition SEAL) training, and its a 6 month process.
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How do you train for navy seals?

im ten years old and i want to be a navy seal the basic training is 42 pushups 20 pullups and 30 situps also practice swimming

Where can you train for the Navy SEALs?

It depends on what you are talking about. If your talking about preparing for the SEALs then you can train anywhere. Just do Basic Physical workouts. For more info go to www.n

What does it cost to train a Navy SEAL?

It costs nothing. The Navy invites you to try out under their payment. If you go to the Naval Academy, you get to train as part of your college course.

What is the Cost of training a navy seal?

About a million dollars, including BUDS - you wont find an accurate answer to this question because there are too many variables involved. This is to produce the basic product

What to do after DOR from Navy SEAL training?

It depends on how far you've advanced in training, and what your Navy rate is; DOR's (Drop On Request) can be initiated by the candidate at any time during BUD/S training; not

How do you train as a navy seal as a teen?

You can't really train as a Navy SEAL until you join the Navy, but you can do some things to prepare yourselve for training. Look at the SEAL website to find out exactly what

How long do Navy SEALs train?

2 months Navy basic training (boot camp), 2 months BUD/S Prep, 6 months BUD/S training, and 7 months SQT Training. So roughly a year and a half.

How are navy seals trained?

BUD/S consists of a three-week 'Indoctrination Course', known as INDOC, followed by three phases, covering physical conditioning (seven weeks), diving (eight weeks), and land

What is the training needed to be a navy seal?

You must be a current active member of the US Navy and pass a series of difficult physical tests in order to be considered eligable to volunteer for the Navy SEALs and start S

What does the navy seals training consist of?

Navy SEAL training consists of the BUD/s (basic underwater demolition and SEAL), a physical screening test at the beginning and end of training, 2 weeks of regular training an
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What is navy seals training called?

BUD/s Basic Underwater Demolition School is required for all SEAL's but to get the trident they must also pass Jump School and SQT SEAL QUalification Training.
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Do navy seals have medical training?

All SEAL members, as are all combat sailors/soldiers, are trained in battlefield medicine and first aid. All teams/squads typically have a trained medic with them, given the h
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Who trains the navy seals?

Except for jump (parachute) training, which is conducted at the Army's Fort Bragg (home of Army Special Forces), all BUD/S training is conducted by current active duty SEAL's