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Parenchyma is a term that means the tissue itself, so brain parenchyma is the part of the brain that is the brain itself, not its blood vessels, nor its coverings, nor its support structures.
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How can you differentiate between parenchyma and chlorenchyma?

Parenchyma is the primary tissue of higher plants. Its cells are thin-walled and are capable of cell division, even when mature. Chlorenchyma is a type of parenchyma that cont

What does parenchyma mean and what is the background of that term?

The term is New Latin, f. Greek παρέγχυμα - parenkhuma, "visceral flesh", f. παρεγχεῖν - parenkhein, "to pour in" f. para-, "beside" + en-, "in" + khein, "t

What is a parenchyma cell?

A parenchyma cell is the most common type of plant cell. It stores starch, oils, and water for the plant. You can find parenchyma cells throughout a plant. These cells have

What is the scientific name for the Parenchyma cell?

Prenchyma cell in itself is a scientific name

What is heterogeneous parenchyma of the thyroid?

Heterogeneous parenchyma of the thyroid means that the basic  cellular tissue of the thyroid gland does not have a uniform  structure or composition. These can be either ben

Function of phloem parenchyma?

The parenchyma cells in between the sieve tubes of the phloem, and functions primarily for food storage.

What is pulmonary parenchyma?

Essential tissue of the lung The "pulmonary parenchyma" are the bronchial passages in the lungs, and their associated alveoli (where gas exchange actually takes place). Alveol

What is the function of parenchyma?

  It is present both in animal and plant cell. in plant they are responsible for photosynthesis in animals they are present in kidneys, lungs, brain, liver, spleen. Mai

What is parenchyma?

Parenchyma is one of the simple tissues in plants. It is the tissue that makes up most of the soft primary growth of roots, stems, leaves, and flowers. In anatomy, parenchyma

Where is parenchyma?

You can find parenchyma cells throughout a plant.

What is parenchyma in humans?

Parenchyma refers to the bulk of an organ. Thus, the liver parenchyma is the bulk of the liver (not the capsule around it, or the blood vessels that go through it). The brain

What is the brain parenchyma?

neuronal tissue of the brain or just neuron