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Where is brain parenchyma?

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Parenchyma is a term that means the tissue itself, so brain parenchyma is the part of the brain that is the brain itself, not its blood vessels, nor its coverings, nor its support structures.
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What does parenchyma mean and what is the background of that term?

The term is New Latin, f. Greek παρέγχυμα - parenkhuma, "visceral flesh", f. παρεγχεῖν - parenkhein, "to pour in" f. para-, "beside" + en-, "in" + khein, "t (MORE)

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What is the difference between parenchyma and collenchyma?

PARENCHYMA: 1) the tissue consists of thin-walled living cells. 2) it is distributed in almost all the parts of the plant body . 3) the living cells of parenchyma assimi (MORE)

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