Where is buddism practiced?

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Buddhism is mostly practice in china now it is practice all over the world

What is buddism?

buddism is a religion that is practiced in china . Buddism is a religion in China practiced by buddist monks. Buddah is a real person, a prince! I'm not trying to be rasict b

What is buddism about?

it is the complete opposite of what JESUS likes he wants us to praise him and love him he loves you it does not matter who you are ask for forgiveness

Who do buddism worship?

I am Buddist and i know we worship Buddha. Answer: Buddhists worship neither deities or people, There is a reverence and respect given to those who have developed Buddh

Where was buddism started?

Buddhism began in India in the 6th century BC. The founder's name is Siddhattha Gotama. He is referred to as Buddha.

What is the buddism?

Buddhism is a religion, with no deities and people who beleve in it think that "that the notion that one exists as an isolated entity is an illusion" and that nature can teach

Where is Buddism practiced in the world?

With the cosmopolitan nature of the world today it is likely that Buddhism is practiced almost everywhere. The main bloc of adherents continues to be in Asia.

Where did buddism develop?

Buddhism developed in Nepal / Northern India around 500BCE based upon the teachings of The Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama.
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What do the buddism believe in?

Sometimes when I'm asked to describe the Buddhist beliefs, I say this: (1) Everything is connected; (2) Nothing lasts; (3) You are not alone. These first three are rea
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Where is buddism from?

Buddha was born into a noble family in Lumbini, an area that todaylies in the South of Nepal. He lived and taught across NorthernIndia and Southern Nepal between 560BCE - 480B