Where is burundi located?

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It is a small country in the Great Lakes region of East Africa bordered by Rwanda on the north, Tanzania on the south and east, and the Democratic REpublic of the Congo on the west.
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Why is Burundi poor?

Poor transportation, distance to the sea is difficult. Reliance on aide from other countries calculates into a high debt.

What is burundi famous for?

Burundi is famous for being one of the five poorest countries inthe entire world. Burundi's official name is the Republic ofBurundi. It is located Southeast Africa.

What is Burundi Like?

Burundi is a small country in east central Africa. It is 10,750square miles and located on a high plateau with altitudes rangingfrom 2,532 -8,760 feet.

What is the airport of Burundi?

The international airport of Burundi is 10 Km outside Bujumbura, the capital city of Burundi. BJM is the international airport code.