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In the USA, there are several mountainous areas. For example, Nevada is known as the most mountainous state. In second place is the state of Alaska.
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How tall does a mountain have to be to been a mountain?

A mountain must be over 1000 feet to considered a mountain. Here's a little tip: Any landscape less than 500 feet is considered a rolling plane, however, between 500 and 999

Are Drakensberg mountains fold mountains?

They are not fold mountains, they were formed from volcanic eruption and large quantities of lava covering the area. Later, wind and water deposited large amounts mud and shal

Capitalize mountains in Himalayas mountains?

In "Himalayan mountains", the word "mountains" is not capitalized. It would be like saying "American mountains". It is NOT the same as saying the "Rocky Mountains", as "Rocky"

Are the Teton Mountains folded mountains?

No. The Teton Range in Wyoming was formed by uplifts and volcanic actiivity.

Is urals mountain a fold mountain?

Fold mountains are mountains that are formed when the land forms a wave like shape due to the tectonic plate movements underneath so yes the Ural Mountains are fold mountains

Is the himilayan mountain the highest mountain?

No the Himalayan Mountains are a mountain range which means it is numorous mountains connected.. The Highest in the Himalayan Mountains is Mt. Everest. Mt Everest is the HIGHE
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Why do mountain lions live in the mountains?

Well God gave them strong legs made special for climbing and leaping. They have big feet so they can have more of a grip and so they don't sink into to snow and their fur is g