Where is matheran in maharashtra?

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In Maharashtra matheran is located in Raigad district. It is well connected from Mumbai and Pune by rail way upto the Neral Junction Station, after neral you will get small Toy Train. It will take you from zigzag route after 2 Hrs you will there in the matheran hill station.
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What is the landform of maharashtra?

The landforms of Maharashtra are a great beauty to behold. The twomain landforms are Deccan tableland and the Konkan coastal strip.

What is the slogan on maharashtra?

The slogan on Maharashtra is God's Own Country. This message iswritten on a lot of the different Maharashtra clothing andproducts.

What is the specialty of matheran?

In Matheran there has many thing is speciality of matheran| 1) Food is delicious In matheran many people coming from Gujarat, Surat, Mumbai &Pune that why many hotel offering
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What is the time to travel through matheran mini train?

October to May is the perfect period to visit in matheran andduring Oct to May you will get very cool environment. During October to May you will get opportunity to travel wit
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Which hotel in Matheran is suitable for young families?

On a website ranking the top six family hotels in Matheran, the following hotels are listed: 'The Verandah in the Forest', 'Lords Central Hotel', 'Horseland Hotel And Mountain
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Where is the Matheran hill station located?

Matheran is a hill station in Maharashtra, India. Matheran covers an area of about eight square kilometers in Sahyadris. The best times to visit are between October and May.