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What is mobi?

Answer . (.MOBIle) A top-level Internet domain used for Web sites that supply content to cellphones and other handheld devices with tiny screens. The .mobi suffix was introduced in 2005, and the first registrations were accepted in 2006 from members of wireless trade organizations. See Internet d (MORE)

Moby Dick is a song from?

The song is from a band called Led Zeppelin! It features a drum solo by John Bonham.. It is from the album Led Zeppelin II (1969).

What is the origin of the name Moby Dick?

There was a famous rogue bull whale called "Mocha Dick," named after the island Mocha off the coast of Chile. Melville may have changed the name to "Moby" because he was writing a story about a friend named Tobias ("Toby") at the same time he was writing Moby-Dick.

Characters in Moby Dick?

Moby-DickCharacters. Captain Ahab . Ishmael . Queequeg . Moby Dick . Captain Boomer . Starbuck . Stubb . Elijah .

Is Moby Dick a fictional whale?

Moby Dick is a fictional sperm whale but was based on tales of aggresive sperm whales encountered by whalers, in particular one called Mocha Dick, and stories of whales that had attacked whaling vessels, such as the whaling bark Essex which was sunk by a sperm whale (possibly Mocha Dick) in 1820.

Who is Frederick Moby?

He invented a better halogen light lamp that would fit into a regular light socket in 1960 while working as an engineer at General Electric. See the related link for more information.

What is the first word in Moby Dick?

This may be a trick question. The very famous first line of Chapter 1 is "Call me Ishmael." But Melville wrote two chapters that come before that--the first is called "Etymology" and the second is called "Extracts." The first word of "Etymology" is "Supplied."

When was Moby Dick first published?

Moby-Dick was first published by Richard Bentley in London on October 18, 1851 in an expurgated three-volume edition titled The Whale, and later as one massive volume, by New York City publisher Harper and Brothers as Moby-Dick; or, The Whale on November 14, 1851.

Was Moby Dick real?

Though in the movie, and book (as in many forms of entertainment) the size and tenacity of this historic whale was certainly exaggerated, Moby Dick was an albino sperm whale in the 1800s that's real name was "Mocha Dick" named after the island of Mocha. The Author Herman Melville, based his novel on (MORE)

In Moby Dick who was Que Qui?

Queequeg is a tattooed harpooner from the South Pacific who becomes the "bosom friend" of the book's narrator, Ishmael. He makes his first appearance in Chapter 3, when Ishmael seeks a room at an inn and is assigned to share Queequeg's bed.

Is there a fifth Inuyasha mobie?

Inuyasha DOESNT have a 5th movie.... All the little things that you saw like "trailors" ARE FAN MADE... There is no offical rumor..so deal with it... BUT there is the inuyasha manga, and it finishes :). so read that.

What does Ahab symbolize in Moby Dick?

Ahab symbolizes the pain and struggle of what capturing the whale is like. He shows its not easy and it is risky. It may cost you a life or a arm or leg.

Where was Moby Dick written?

"Herman Melville wrote "Moby Dick" while looking at the mountain (Mount Greylock) from his home at Arrowhead and is said to have described the mountain as a great whale. He partied on the summit after finishing the novel." "During his first year at Arrowhead, Melville obsessed over a whale -- (MORE)

Who killed Moby Dick?

In the book by Herman Melville, Moby Dick was not killed, and survived all attempts to kill him by Captain Ahab and the whalers on the Pequod..

Were did Moby Dick take place?

Moby Dick starts with the narrator Ishmael setting out from Manhattan to New Bedford then Nantucket in Massachussetts. After setting sail from Nantucket, the Pequod travels across the atlantic, around the Cape of Good Hope, across the Indian Ocean, and through the Southeast Asian Islands until it re (MORE)

What rhymes with Moby?

Aoby. Boby. Coby. Doby. Eoby. Foby. Goby. Hoby. Ioby. Joby. Koby. Loby. Moby. Noby. Poby. Qoby. Roby. Soby. Toby. Uoby. Voby. Woby. Xoby. Yoby. Zoby.

Does Moby Dick live or die at the end of Moby Dick?

Moby Dick lives, at least in the novel, so I would also say he lives in the film. At the end of the book, Ahab has the chance to throw only one harpoon into Moby Dick, and it is the line from that harpoon, as it runs out, that catches Ahab around the neck, and at that point the whale just disappears (MORE)

Did Moby Dick die?

The whale Moby Dick never actually dies; only captain Ahab, who has been chasing him, does. Just before Ahab drowns while still trying to stab the whale, he yells "From hell's heart I stab at thee, for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee!". His obsession drives him to his death and still he do (MORE)

What was rope called in Moby Dick?

The hemp that slithers around your feet is death. Like the "oily gurgling" in the Tun of Heidelburgh, death is sharks swimming, vultures flying, and a whale pulling you to the bottom of the drink. The rope is a death lure.

Who is Rachel from Moby Dick?

The Rachel is a ship that The Pequod meets while on the hunt for Moby Dick. The Rachel has recently come across Moby Dick and lost one of the ships in its fleet during the encounter. Their captain begs Captain Ahab to aid in the search for the missing crew members; However, Ahab declines to hel (MORE)

How do you get moby pup invizimal?

if you mean metalmutt pup, you have to look for the spots. There's one on the corner in the middle and somwhere below it. It is different locations for every attempt

How do you get moby invizimal?

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What is a whetstone in the story Moby Dick?

A whetstone aka as Sea Captains Snakestone is a sharpening stonefor knives, swords and other tools on ships most commonly in theera around the 1880's. Snake stone can only be found in one part ofthe world off the coast of Scotland. The captains whetstone orsnakestone would be encased in a block of w (MORE)

Is Moby Dick still alive?

legend says that Mo-by Dick is still alive and others say he isn't knows go to that ocean (pacific ocean's a big fish maybe Mo-by will come or not so bye now i have read the book and Mo-by Dick wins and the sailors lose but Ishmael stays alive by floating on a co fin

Why was Moby-dick written?

Moby-Dick , also known as The Whale , [1] is a novel first published in 1851 by American author Herman Melville. Moby-Dick is widely considered to be aGreat American Novel and a treasure of world literature. The story tells the adventures of the wandering sailor Ishmael, and his voyage on the (MORE)

What is the main conflict in Moby Dick?

The main conflict in Moby Dick is the desire of Captain Ahab to kill Moby Dick. He is so obsessed with this idea that he thinks or acts upon it all the time that he is awake. He is vengeful, hateful and obsessive toward this whale. His thoughts and works become so involoved in his mind that he would (MORE)

Who is moby duck?

Moby Duck is a book written by Donoban Hohn. It is not about any specific "duck". It is about a discovery made about ocean currents and ocean ecology made recently with the help of an accident. 28,800 bath toys (mostly rubber ducks) were spilled into the northern Pacific ocean in 1992. In 2005 some (MORE)

Is Moby Grape in Monterey Pop?

yes they were. Their live set has been released on a recent CD of their live performances. The video has not been released.

Where did the pequod sail from in Moby Dick?

The pequod sailed from nantucket. This is correct because i am the smartest guinea pig that likes to lick apricot hair with extra hotsauce on my bed with seamen on the boat.

Is there a sorter version of Moby Dick?

Yes, there is a Junior Classics for Young Readers version you can purchase online or in Target. It is 180 pages but fairly comprehensive, completely adapted from the Melville classic. Published by Dalmatian Press.

What does pitchpole mean in Moby Dick?

When a boat pitchpoles, it somersaults stern over bow, the most dangerous direction for a boat to roll, as it may break the mast(s). This is likely to happen in a storm that produces high waves; as a boat rides down a steep wave, the bow is buried in the trough, while the stern is pushed over the bo (MORE)

What is so special about Moby Dick?

he was a white sperm whale who was quite large. sperm whales are very rarely found in white this only happens if they are albino and it is incredibly rare.

How do you convert mobi to mp3?

The only way to convert mobi files to mp3 files is by using aprogram you can download through other websites. There are severalfree programs available for download and they are very simple touse.

How does Queequeg die in Moby Dick?

He get very sick on board the boat and would not allow anyone to help him. It's really unfortunate that this answer is what comes up first, because it's incorrect. Q. doesn't die of his illness, but rises from his bed of pain and goes back to work. He does die when the Pequod sinks; his coffin, repu (MORE)

What was 'Moby Dick'?

Moby Dick was the white whale that Captain Ahab recklessly pursued in Herman Melville's novel "Moby-Dick; or, The Whale" .

Is Moby Dick a character in moby dick?

Yes. A character in a story is any person/entity/being who has any role or influence over the story. So even though it is just a whale, and the whale doesn't speak, the whale is actually a major character, even though it has no parts. This tends to be a trick question that teachers will ask. They (MORE)

Who is Tim and Moby from Brain Pop?

Tim and Moby is a kid and a robot discussing about topics from grade 3-5. . Tim and Moby is two fictional characters (kid and a robot) discussing various topics about many things such as government, science, math etc., for various group ages..

What are the Moby extreme ways?

Moby - "Extreme Ways", is a song and music video by the musical artist Moby. It was released in 2009, and can be viewed on a variety of sites, including YouTube.

What was the best part of Moby Dick?

The end, because as soon as you reach it you get to stop reading Moby Dick . Your teacher will likely not approve of this answer, so I suggestyou finish the book and pick out the least terrible bit on yourown.

Is Moby Dick the man or the whale?

Moby-Dick; or, The Whale is a book written by Herman Melville thatgives us an epic sea story about Captain Ahab's voyage in search ofsome sperm whale, which refers to as Moby Dick.