Where is mt haleakala located in Hawaii?

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Haleakala is on the island of Maui and makes up the majority of the island.
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Where is Hawaii located?

Hawaii is a string of islands located in the North Pacific Ocean.It is a US state (50th state). The state of Hawaii is southeast of continental North America,about 2550 miles

Where is haleakala national park located?

Haleakala National Park is located in Hawaii on the island of Maui's south eastern corner near Kula. It is located at latitude 20.7167 by longitude -156.166
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What is haleakalas elevation?

Haleakala's current elevation is 10,023 feet. However, it is believed that Haleakala was once possibly over 15000ft high. Haleakala is believed to have lost elevation not beca
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Where in Hawaii is the Hawaii Convention Center located?

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