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Rubber is naturally made from the sap of rubber trees.These grow in tropical climates such as Malaysia. We can also make synthetic rubbers, starting with substances from crude oil. Natural rubber has few uses in its untreated state, being a very soft substance. Examples include insulation and adhesives. Most rubber is hardened by the process of vulcanisation which cross links the molecules to make the substance harder. It then has many applications such as vehicle tyres, air hoses and rainwear.
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What dissolves rubber?

There are many things that will dissolve rubber, the right type  fluid to do so, depends on the type of rubber. Biodiesel, acetone  or any ketone, chloroform, gasoline,andÊ

Is rubber a resistor?

Rubber is generally regarded as an insulator. A resistor is generally regarded as something that resists current but allows some current to pass. Rubber could be considered a

Is rubber flammable?


How do you turn rubber from a sap tree into rubber for a rubber band?

They collect latex from the rubber tree by tapping it and let it drip into a bucket and wait till it stops. It is then processed and various chemicals added, predominately su

Is rubber a conductor?

No it is an extremely poor conductor, being thought of as a good insulator, but if electricity at a high enough voltage , and the rubber trying to protect the current from esc

Is rubber ductile?

No. Ductile is that property of being shaped, rubber tends to be the exact opposite.

Why is rubber-band made of rubber?

A rubber-band is made out of rubber because rubber will make it hold things nice and tight.

What is crude rubber?

Natural rubber

What is a rubber cork?

Rubber corks are commonly used in labs with test tubes as a  stopper. The rubber corks are used on flask as well. The function  of the rubber cork is to keep the contents in