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I'd say car factorys because people are just to lazy to build the cars them selves. Robots do it for them, People just have to watch for malfunctions in the system.
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What are the most popular uses of technology?

Uses of technology include helping educate kids using computers and  tablets, and communicating with friends and family. Other uses  include backing up data, and getting mor

Which is the most useful technology?

electricity.... cause without it you wouldn't be reading this mostly cell phones and lap tops every body loves that stuff and its all a very popular usage to the united stat

What is the most useful technology?

In my opinion vehicles are stupid!! The reason I rather have a  computer is because we all need our moms. If we could not get from  point A to point B via car or truck then

What is the most commonly used dsl technology?

adsl It's ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line). Typically, ADSL (Asynchronous DSL). There may also be SDSL (Synchronous DSL), but this is not used in most of the US anym

What is the most used piece of technology?

The answers to your question is very broad; technology is used everyday in many different ways. Computers, phones, and televisions are widely used technology for instance.

What technology do most LAN's use today?

CSMA/CD CS = Carrier Sense - The network card checks to see if it is connected to a lan. MA = Multiple Access - All devices connected to the lan can access it. CD = Collision

What sport uses the most technology?

I would say fencing because everytime the sword touches the opponent it registers with the computer and shows so you cant fence in a competitiion without technology