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Where is the IAT sensor in a 2002 Nissan Pathfiner?

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I know that in the 3.3l engine the sensor is located behind the driver side fog light, check that area very carefully and you should see it attach to an intake tube/snorkel/intake resonator box!!! Luck with that!!!!!
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Where is the oxygen sensor on a Nissan Pathfiner 1995?

Answer . Hey David==It is either in the exhaust pipe or manifold. GoodluckJoe. Answer . There are several spots it could be: it can be directly in the exhaust manifold

What is the location of the Nissan Xterra IAT sensor?

I just replaced what I think was an IAT sensor. In US version, it is on the driver's side, in the top of the ram air intake just forward of the air filter box. Pops right out

Where is the speed sensor in a 1995 Nissan Pathfiner?

On the passenger side it's the last sensor on transfer case just before you reach the drive shaft. It has one 10mm bolt. My 1995 SE has an electronic but the chilton manual sa

Why will Nissan Pathfiner 2002 won't start?

There are probably a million reasons why your pathfinder won't start.. One that I ran into was a faulty key. Each key is microchipped to work with the computer. Mine wasn't "