Where is the Iris located in the body parts?

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Your 99 Monte Carlo is leaking coolant under the throttle body Can you tell you what parts are located under the thottle body that can be leaking coolant?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nthe intake gaskets are prone to leaking. Get a hanes book and good luck\n. \nActualy, the intake manifold has 2 different versions. The first version is prone to leaks. The second is much better. Also the replacement throttle-body gaskets(GM# 12580919, $40.00) fit BOTH versions and have been redesigned to help with this. The coolant passageway is located at the very bottom of the throttle-body. Your engine sometimes idles rough because it is also leaking into the intake manifold. I won't go into details here, but it should take you only an hour the first time using common hand tools. I'll warn you that the throttle-body is fragile and you do not need to remove any sensors(doing so will sometimes strip the threads or break the screws off!).

What is the iris?

The colored, and muscular ring around the pupil in your eye. It narrows in bright light and widens when light is dim.It also controls the amount of light reaching the retina

What is the smallest body part in your body?

Individual cells could be considered smallest whole functional parts. However if you wish to be pedantic you could include the constituents of those cells all the way down to subatomic particles.

Which parts of your body is pivot joint located?

There is only one pivot joint in the body and it is located in the neck. It is the joint between the first and second cervical vertebrae also known as atlas and axis respectively. Axis has a the "peg" part of the pivot projecting upwards and atlas has the hole around it. This is the joint that allows the heart to rotate left to right. . There are two pivot joints . One between C1 and C2 of the vertebrae. The second in the forearm between the ulna and radius.

What is a Iris part of the eye?

The Iris is the colored part of the eye, right around the pupil. yes, it is also a beautiful flower. The Iris is the colored area around the pupil.

What are the body parts of the human body?

The head, the stomach, the arms, the circulatory system, the bones, the heart, the brain, the skin, the muscles, the hands, the small intestine, the large intestine, esophagus, the legs, the feet, the lungs, the kidneys and urinary system, the liver, the spleen, the endocrine system, the pelvis and reproductive organs.

Where in the body would you find an iris?

The iris is located in your eye . It is at the located at the front of the eye and is next to the pupil. It is usually coloured (e.g. brown, green or blue are the most common).

What does the colored part of the eye or iris do?

The coloured part of the eye, or the iris, works in conjunction with the pupil (the black dot in the middle) to control how much light enters the eye. The iris has tiny muscles which enable it to dilate and constrict the pupil to allow more or less light into the eye. The sphincter muscle lies around the very edge of the pupil. In bright light, the sphincter contracts, causing the pupil to constrict. The dilator muscle runs radially through the iris, like spokes on a wheel. This muscle dilates the eye in dim lighting. Simply put, when it is darker, it opens more, to allow more light in so that we may see better. When it is bright, it constricts to limit how much light enters the eye through the pupil, so that the more delicate parts of the eye are not damaged. The iris is flat and divides the front of the eye (anterior chamber) from the back of the eye (posterior chamber). Its colour, texture and patterns, which are as unique as a fingerprint, come from microscopic pigment cells called melanin.

Where is the iris located?

The iris is the layer that surrounds the pupil and controls the size and diameter of the pupil. It also controls the amount of light that reaches the pupil.

How or what body parts defend the body?

your skin is a big help in protecting against all sorts of things, and is the biggest organ you have. yes even bigger than the large and/or small intestine. your skull protects your brain from contact. your eyelids protect your eyes. there are tons of defense mechanisms on and in your body. Also the skeletal system is located right under the thick layer of muscle. If you break a bone, it can be healed, it wont be broke forever. Your bones are very important. If we didn't have them, we would FALL down.

Where is the iris located in the eye?

The iris is the colored ring shaped membrane behind the cornea of you eye, with the pupil in the middle of it. [simple version- it is the colored bit you can see other than the white of your eye and the pupil]

Is your iris the smallest muscle in your body?

No, it is not. From Wikipedia: The stapedius is the smallest skeletal muscle in the human body. At just over onemillimeter in length, its purpose is to stabilize the smallest bonein the body, the stapes ..

Flash Pulmonary Edema is located in what part of the body?

Flash pulmonary edema is a rapid onset edema that occurs in the lungs. Typically it is precipitated by a myocardial infarction or heart failure. Pulmonary edema is treated by treating the underlying cause which is most commonly some form of heart failure.

What is the name of the part of the iris bordering the pupil?

The IRIS The pupillary muscles located on the inner edge of the iris forms the outer boundary of the pupil. The ciliary muscles are located throughout the rest of the iris and into the ciliary body. The collarette is the region of the iris separating the pupillary muscle from the ciliary muscle. It also occupies the region where the sphincter muscle and dilator muscles overlap.

What part of the body has 8 parts?

I think its the heart, left and right ventricles, right atrium, aorta, left pulmonary artery right pulmonary artery, left pulmonary vein and right pulmonary vein. These are eight main parts.

What part of the camera corresponds the iris?

The camera uses a shutter with a small, central opening to admit light. If the object is bright, the shutter closes the opening; if dim, the shutter enlarges the opening to collect more light. In the eye, the iris , the colored part of the eye, performs the shutter function on the light-admitting opening - the pupil . In bright light, the iris makes the pupil small, thus admitting less light; and in dim light, the iris makes it large, admitting more.

What geographic locations rhyme with body parts?

Some geographic rhyming words: equator - creator latitude - attitude, platitude longitude - fortitude pole - bowl, coal, dole, foal, goal, hole, mole, role, sole, soul, tole, toll zone - bone, cone, clone, crone, drone, groan, hone, known, loan, lone, moan, phone, roan, sown, tone temperate - commensurate, protectorate torrid - horrid, humid, lurid, morbid, rancid arctic - citric, hectic, tactic hemisphere - atmosphere, biosphere, ionosphere, stratosphere, troposphere continent - compliment, condiment, confident, congruent, consonant ocean - lotion, motion, notion, potion current - deterrent tide - bide, bride, chide, dried, fried, guide, hide. pied, ride, side, sighed, tried, wide sea - bee, chi, flea, flee, glee, he, knee, me, pea, see, tea, we, wii, ye mountain - fountain river - giver, liver, quiver, sliver lake - bake, cake, fake, flake, make, quake, rake, sake, shake, take, wake OK, so some are better than others.

What part of the body balances the body?

The semicircular canals and the vestibule are responsible for balance. If you are considering balance in terms of physiology, then the kidneys and hypothalamus would be the organ and gland, respectively, that govern the balance called homeostasis.

What part of the body does a iris scanner look at?

An iris scanner uses visible and near-infrared light to scan the iris of an eye. The iris scanner takes a picture and uses it to compare that to an image already stored in a database to see if there is a match. Since everyone's eyes are unique, iris scanners are becoming more popular for identifying people in security situations.

What part of the human body is the nephron located in?

Nephons are located in the kidneys. More specifically, they are located renal cortex and the medullary pyramind in scientific terms. Nephons contain millions of filtering units which help bring and circulate blood in the kidneys. They branch out to over 1 million different capillaries within the kidney as well.

In which part of the body is the Spine located?

In human beings the spine is located in the torso, or central part of the body. The spine is located in the rear, or dorsum, of the torso. Because of its location, the spine is commonly referred to as the backbone.

In which part of your body is Ulnar nerve located?

The Ulnar nerve is located in the joint of the elbow. It is the largest unprotected nerve in the human body, therefore injuries are very common. It is also commonly referred to as the "Funny Bone".