Where is the VIN on a 1995 golf III?

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bottom left corner
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Where is the fuel filter located on a 1995 VW Golf III?

for the 2.0 slow it's located on the passenger rear, right next to the fuel tank. it's held in with 2 hose clamps and 2 bolts. putting the car up on jack-stands save's alot o

How Do you change the Cylinder Head Gasket in a vw golf III?

i would suggest you take it to someone who knows what to do as it ain't a novice job unless you got all the tools like torque wrench and a good socket set,if its an 8v then it

How can you find the VIN on your EZ Go golf cart?

Depending on what year the cart is, it could be in different locations. On 1980's models (EZ Go Marathons) it is under the center of the dashboard on the passenger side near t

Where is the VIN for a 1995 Honda civic?

The VIN for all vehicles can be located on the top of the driver's side of the dashboard, viewed from outside the windshield, and consists of 17 digits. The VIN is usually pri

VIN locations on a club car golf cart?

Golf carts don't technically have a VIN number. However, you can find the serial number on the dashboard, just below the right side glove box and above the floor mat.
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How do you find vin number on western golf cart?

There should be a number stamped into the frame under the seat. Onmy 88 its on the passenger side frame rail near the air box andbattery. Nine digits all numbers is the SSN, w