Where is the ac low side line on a 1995 Ford Contour?

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Follow the larger hose from the a/c compressor Maybe near the drier at the passenger firewall
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How do you replace the drivers side mirror for a 1995 Ford Contour?

The mirror needs to be removed from the inside of the car, the plastic molding that goes between the dash and the roof of the car needs to be removed, then you can remove the

Where is the low-side AC port on a 1989 Ford E350?

I am not sure about an 89, but on my 93 E350 it is located on a pipe that runs from the compressor, up over the engine to the passenger side. The funny part is the valve "T's"

What line on the ac unit is the low side and what is the high side?

The high side of an a/c is as follows:. The compressor ,the capillary( the capillary is a very narrow tube with an inside diameter about the size of a pencil point. )The cap

Where is the low side ac line?

Simply ,the bigger of the 2 going into the out side/inside unit,and if running in summer,cold and sweating.