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Where is the cerebral cortex located in the brain?

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Since cortex means the outer layer of an inner organ, the cerebral cortex is the outer layer of the cerebrum.(The cerebrum is the 'biggest' part of the brain as you look at a 'naked' brain, with all the loops and whorls on its surface, divided into two parts, the left and right cerebral hemispheres.)If you can imagine the cerebrum to be like a pie, then the crust would be the cerebral cortex. But the 'crust' is much thinner. The cortex is, actually, only the outer few millimeters of the upper brain, known as the cerebrum.  It has 6 layers of differing types of neurons, where cognition and long-term memory occur, and is commonly referred to as the 'grey mater' of the brain.The other parts of the brain are the diencephalon, cerebellum, and the brain stem. These parts do not have a cerebral cortex, although the cerebellum does have an outer layer or cortex of its own, called the cerebellar cortex, most of which is actually hidden in interior folding within the cerebellum.  The cortex of the cerebellum doesn't make direct connections to the cortex of the cerebrum, as all of the cerebellum's connections to other parts of the brain travel through the pons, a part of the brain stem.
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