Where is the cooling fan relay on a 91 Toyota Camry?

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Answer: Although I can't say for sure, in most Toyotas the relay is usually located under the hood in a box, or housing where the majority of relays and fuses are grouped together. There's typically a black plastic cover you remove to expose the relays. Either on top of, or underneath the plastic lid, there should be a layout with descriptions corresponding with the relays and their locations within the box. There should be one labeled "cooling fan". As for what the actual relay looks like, the top portion is round, with a silver-colored metal surface. If you pull out the relay, it will have 4 terminals, two pointing vertically and two horizontally, sort of like a "T". If the numbers on the old relay are still readable, you might see something like 12V 15A, and an OE #90987-03001 or 056700-4670. If you've found something like this, you most likely have found the fan relay. On some Toyotas, there may be more than one relay in the housing that are exactly the same. If this is the case, you can test by swapping relays, using one of the others and plugging it into the slot for the fan relay. Keep in mind, the Camry also has a 'radiator fan switch' which controls the fan. If you're having a problem with the fan not coming on, this might be another part to check out in case a new fan relay doesn't solve the problem. Good luck!
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How to use a slim Jim to open a 91 Toyota Camry?

white 1991 Toyota Camry Base 5-speed 4banger 270k nothing power inthe doors.. :( Owner \wedges \i used 16g wire and lassoed the lock and pulled as hard as thewire would allow my hands and yanked up ill improve answer i have a lock-out tool set now ill try thatunder the window tool and ill sum it up (MORE)

How do you remove the stereo from 91 Toyota Camry?

Answer . \nThere are two screws that hold in the plastic cover on the cover on the top underside. remove these two screws and gently pry the plastic cover away. There are four screws that hold the stereo in place that will be accessible after you remove the cover. reassemble in reverse order.

Where is the stop light relay located on a 1991 Toyota Camry?

How do you fix the automatic headlight shutoff feature on a 1990 Toyota Camry? Answer. If the headlights no longer shut off when you close the door, there's a relay which needs to be replaced. IIRC, it's in the fuse/breaker box under the hood, near the battery. It happened to me once (I leave the (MORE)

How to find 91 dodge caravan fan relay location?

there are three relays two are located on the left side near the battery ...the frst one is on the second rack first one tha second one is the last one on the same rack..the 3rd one is for the ac that is on the right side fender near the shock tower the one closer to the jack...

Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1994 Toyota Camry?

up your butt and around the corner If I understand your question correctly, you are actually looking for what is known as the "Circuit Opening Relay", which may be located behind the glovebox, or in the main fuse box under the hood (look for the one that is labeled "C/OPN").

91 Plymouth acclam cooling fan relay?

The Cooling Fan Relay is located behind the battery attached to the schock housing. In order to diagnose the problem you will need a jumper wire to insert in to the connectors. When you hear the fan turn then the jumper is succesfull and you can continue to diagnose the problem. . The Relay has a (MORE)

Why would the cooling fan not come on a 91 sunbird replaced cooling fan motor and relay cooling fan now comes on when you jump across buut not with new or old relay in?

When you jump across it, you are shorting out the circuit - commonly used for testing components to see that they will turn on. When everything is connected the way it should be, there is also a thermostat which comes into play in the circuit - unless the thermostat gives the "command" for cooling, (MORE)

Where is the fan cooling fan relay on a 1995 buick century?

next to right headlamp under hood. On a short rack with 3 or 4 other relays hanging from the same thin metal rack. The relays are hanging upright with connector/wires coming from the bottom of the relays. My SMALL FAN cooling relay was the second relay from the fender. ( PS, I have yet to get t (MORE)

Where is the cooling fan relay on a 1986 Camaro?

I have a 86 camaro with a 2.8 L . The cooling fan relay on mine is located above the brake master cylinder and is bolted onto the firewall with two 9/32" bolts. There are two relays beside each other and the one for the cooling fan is closest to the fender. If you disconnect the harness from the rel (MORE)

Where the starter relay is on 91 Toyota foreruner?

The starter relay on most Toyota Forerunners is located on the right side of the engine, in a fuse box in the engine compartment. However, on models with the 2UZ-FE engine, the starter relay is located on top of the engine.

Why does the cooling fan not engage after the engine heats up in a 1986 Toyota Celica gt The fuse and relay are good. Unplugging the sensor the fan does not start but runs when wired to the battery.?

Try turing on the A/C to see if it works at all through the computer (just a quick easy test). You could have a coolant temperature sensor that has gone bad. On your car, I believe it's underneath the driver side of the valve cover, in the water outlet. The part is probably around 15 to 20 dollars. (MORE)

Where is the cooling fan relay on a 2001 Jetta?

I was just looking for the same thing. If you remove the battery cover it should be the little box on top of the battery and if u on it u should see like three little fuses. That should be it unless im wrong i would like to know to cuz my car is overheating That is not the location of the cooling f (MORE)

Where is the starter relay located on a 1991 Toyota Camry?

In the kick panel to the left of the driver's foot. Look for a relay marked "28300-16010" Toyota wants $60 or so for it.. A replacement from AutoZone is about $13, part number 19829 according to their on-line catlaog. I believe this after market version is not made in Japan.

Where is the starter relay located on a 1991 Toyota Camry dx?

In the kick panel to the left of the driver's foot. Look for a relay marked "28300-16010" Toyota wants $60 or so for it.. A replacement from AutoZone is about $13, part number 19829 according to their on-line catlaog. I believe this after market version is not made in Japan.

Relay - Radiator Cooling Fan Motor?

The radiator fan relay is commonly located under the hood.Depending on the vehicle and model, the relay should be in adistribution box with the other relays.

Fan relay fuse problem 91 merc topaz?

Fuses That "Blow" Repeatedly . Your question does not tell us what the problem is, but I suspect it may have to do with repeatedly blowing fuses. This is a common electrical problem. IF that is the problem, then the following should help you understand the challenge and what to do. . Fuses and (MORE)

Where is the starter relay of 2002 Toyota Camry?

Look in the Relay and Fuse holder on the drivers side of the engine compartment near the left front quarter-panel. Mine was a blue colored box relay on the back portion of the panel labeled ST. It has a locked molex style connector. Be careful not to pry on it too hard. Once you unlock it, finger pr (MORE)

Where is cooling fan relay on 1997 contour?

Both high and low speed are located in the left front corner engine compartment fuse box.. . Facing the box, they are the two lowest and to the right relays. If they are still factory the low will be green and the high will be black.

Where is air conditioner relay switch for 2003 Toyota Camry?

Probably in the fuse box under the hood. Maybe a square,black box. Might be in the fuse box near the hood release. Perhaps somebody else will know the exact location. I have the shop manuals for the 2004 but they do not have the wiring schematics.

Why is the fans in the 2001 Toyota Camry not working?

Cooling system fans? Check the fuses/fuses. Probably in the under the hood fuse box.Is it overheating? Maybe the coolant isn't getting hot enough to bring the fans on. Maybe the thermostat is stuck open. You can disconnect the fan motors think there are probably two of them] and jumper battery power (MORE)

Where is the cooling fan relay on a Kia Sedona?

My fiance' has a 2006 Sedona. I found her fan relays in the main fuse box under the hood. If you open up the fuse box and look under the lid, you will see a diagram for where all the fuses and relays are located. It's possible that there are 2 or 3 relays for the the cooling fans. They'll be listed (MORE)

What relay is cooling fan relay in 1999 escort ccm?

The cooling fan relay is under the air filter housing at the base of the strut housing. It is a little box with about 30 wires running into it. It is called the Constant Control Relay Module (CCRM). It contains relays for the cooling fan, Air Conditiloner and the Power Control Module. You might also (MORE)

Where is the cooling fan relay on a 91 acclaim?

The cooling fan relay is located on the driver side of the car under the hood . you will see one mounted to the strut tower bracketbut that's not it .you will need to look back in the inner fender walland you will find two of them .the one closest to the strut tower bracket is the cooling fan relay (MORE)