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Where is the diagnostics port on a 1986 Chevrolet P30 in particular Winnebago Chieftain?

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I believe it is inside, under the drivers side of the dash, on the firewall, close to the fuse box.
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Where is the diagnostic port located in a 1986 Toyota pickup 4-cylinder turbo and what does it look like and which wires do you jump to check the engine light?

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Where is the diagnostic port on 93 Lincoln?

Under the Hood Left side Usally Close to Shock Tower Usually Gray In Color Have seen Black It Also Has a single Connector Which Is called STI Self,Test,Input the Bigger One Is (MORE)

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How do you open hood on 89 Winnebago chieftain?

If the hood release does not work, the front grill comes off by removing 4-5 small screws. That allows access to the latch so it can be opened by pulling the cable or moving t (MORE)