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Where is the diagnostics port on a 1986 Chevrolet P30 in particular Winnebago Chieftain?

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I believe it is inside, under the drivers side of the dash, on the firewall, close to the fuse box.
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Where is the diagnostic port on a 2002 elantra?

About 4 inches to the right of the hood release, pointing straight down towards the floor. It is not covered by anything, but you have to put your head basically on the floor

Where is the diagnostic port located in a 1986 Toyota pickup 4-cylinder turbo and what does it look like and which wires do you jump to check the engine light?

  Answer     Im not sure what sort of diagnostic port this vehicle would have, if any. Todays OBD (on board diagnostics) are all designed to be accesible to the

Where is the diagnostic port on 93 Lincoln?

Under the Hood Left side Usally Close to Shock Tower Usually Gray In Color Have seen Black It Also Has a single Connector Which Is called STI Self,Test,Input the Bigger One Is

How do you open hood on 89 Winnebago chieftain?

If the hood release does not work, the front grill comes off by removing 4-5 small screws. That allows access to the latch so it can be opened by pulling the cable or moving t

Where is the diagnostic port on a BMW?

    facing your vehicle on the lefr hand side right before the fuse box under the hood. depending on year o your vehicle it's either round or square.