Where is the fuel pump on a 1982 Toyota Celica?

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Under the hood.
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Where is the fuel pump on a 1993 Toyota Celica GTS?

The fuel pump is located in the gas tank...I believe you can get to the pump by removing the back seat; take off the cover plate, located in the center, which is screwed down.

Where is the fuel filter located on 1982 Toyota Celica GT?

Is your car fuel injected or carb? Either way this job is a pain in the @ss. The fule filter is located on the passenger side of the engine. It isabout 6 to 8 inches down from

How do you replace fuel pump in a Toyota Celica 1990?

You can get to it by removing the bottom of your back passenger seat, from there it should be quite simple. If you still need help, there is a great website dedicated to Toyot

Where is the fuel pump on a 1998 Toyota Celica?

Inside the gas tank. Unless you're talking about the fuel filter. The fuel filter is located in the front, near the driver side strut tower. You'll have to remove the air filt

Where is the fuel pump located on 1984 Toyota Celica?

Hi, . My hunch, would be in the gas tank. I had a 1993, Toyota Celica and it was located in the gas tank. On mine, I took out the back seat and in about the middle of the s