Where are the star coins in world 2-5?

the first one is at the beginning and to get it you have to hop on one of the robot blocks, then wait for him to jump, then jump of when he's at the top of his jump. the sec (MORE)
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How do you get star coins world 6-3?

1st coin: You do not hit the block with the string on it. You jump on it. Then you jump again and get the 1st coin. 2nd coin: After you go to the underground part with the Re (MORE)

How do you get the star coins on World 6 castle?

Star Coin 1 . At the end of the row of tilting platforms is a row of bricks up high with many Dry Bones on it and a coin. Use the bricks tilting with the platforms to ride u (MORE)

How do you get the last coin in world 5 castle?

I used a mini mushroom to get through the gap in the ceiling, once you get through, run right. Fall through the space, land, and make sure you don't jump up to the door! If yo (MORE)