Where is the laundromat in Slovenia?

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Slovenia is one of the main manufacturers of washing machines in Europe, therefore everyone has their own in their house. Another reason is that Slovenians are very clean people and dislike the idea of communal washing.
However, there may be very few, but only in the capital city, Ljubljana.
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What kind of liability is there for a laundromat?

There are all kinds of scenerios I could think of for liablity risks in a laundromat. If you are wanting to know what coverages or policy a laundromat should have contact a good agent in your area they will be well versed in what you should be protected from.

What type of people use laundromats?

There are many types of people that use laundromats. The mostcommon type of people are those who do not have access to a washeror dryer in their own home.

Who is the President of Slovenia?

Borut Pahor is the President of Slovenia. Pahor became the fourth President of the Republic of Slovenia in 2012 December 22. He was previously the Prime Minister from 21 November 2008 to 10 February 2012.

How to get from Venice to Slovenia?

Take a train from Venice Santa Lucia to Ljubljana. There are 2 a day and the journey is usually 4 hours. Alternatively take the train to Trieste in Italy and get the bus from there.. There is even a better and quicker way. There exists Ferry Crossing Venice to Izola with the "Prince of Venice" and Vice Versa. This is a great 2-3 hour trip with fantastic views.

What is the GDP of Slovenia?

GDP (purchasing power parity):$54.67 billion (2007 est.). GDP (official exchange rate):$46.08 billion (2007 est.). GDP - real growth rate:6.1% (2007 est.). GDP - per capita (PPP):$27,200 (2007 est.). GDP - composition by sector: agriculture: 2%, industry: 34.4%, services: 63.5% (2007 est.)

Where is Slovenia?

Slovenia is a country in central Europe with a short coast (46km)on the Adriatic Sea. It is bordered by Austria to the north,Croatia in the south, Italy to the west and it shares a shortborder with Hungary to the northeast. In ancient times Illyrian and Celtic peoples inhabited the area,which was ruled by Rome after the first century BC. and settled bySlavs in the sixth century AD. Slovenia came under Austrian controlafter 1335 and joined the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes(later Yugoslavia) in 1918. During World War II Slovenia wasdivided among Germany, Italy, and Hungary, but returned toYugoslavia after the war. Slovenia declared its independence fromYugoslavia in June 1991. Ljubljana is the capital and largest city.Population: 2,010,000.

How do you travel to Slovenia?

Much the same as in other countries.\n. \nThere are trains throughout the country and connecting Slovenia with Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia.\n. \nThere are many roads and motorways/freeways\n. \nThere are airports in different cities but because the country is small air travel within the country isn't common.\n. \nBuses connect cities across the country.

Who invented the laundromat?

The electric-powered washing machine, invented in 1908, was a great time- and sweat-saving device-but only for those who could afford it and had regular electricity. J.F. Cantrell noticed that many in his Fort Worth community didn't fit that description. In 1934, Cantrell purchased four electric washing machines and installed them in the same building. He charged people by the hour to clean their clothes in his "washateria," now better known as a laundromat.

What is Slovenia seal?

Blue crest, on two bottom sides circled by a red line, on the crest white emblem of three mountain peaks that represent mount Triglav, highest mountain in Slovenia. The bottom of the white field is broken with two wavy blue lines, that represent rivers and sea, and above the mountain peak, three sixpointed golden stars form a downturned triangle. These stars are taken from the crest fo the counts of Cilia, an important medieval family from Slovenia. See it at the related link below.

Where can you find laundromats in France?

You can find laundromats around the corner in any big town in France - watch the directory book for 'lavomatic' or 'laverie' or run a search in online directory sites like http://www.pagesjaunes.fr/

What are the industries of Slovenia?

Slovenia has a strong chemical andpharmaceutical industry, ferrous metallurgy and aluminum production, electronics industry (including military electronics), automotive industry (vehicles and parts), electric power equipment industry, textile industry, machine tools industry, IT industry (mainly software)...

How wealthy is Slovenia?

We are actually quite wealthy... GDP (PPP). 2008 estimate. -. Total. $59.413 billion [2] (82nd). -. Per capita. $29,520 [2] (30th). GDP (nominal). 2008 estimate. -. Total. $54.639 billion [2] (69th). -. Per capita. $27,148 [2] (31st). Gini (2007). 28.4 (low). HDI (2007). ▲ 0.929 (very high) (29th). By Wikipedia By information from World Bank we are 25th richest in world... Best regards !

Is Slovenia in Russia?

No Slovenia is a part of central Europe and it`s neighbours are Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary. Allthough it was a part of the former Yugoslavia and therefore considered a part of the Eastern block.

How did Slovenia get its name?

The name for the nation, Slovenes, was mentioned by a protestant priest and author Primoz Trubar in 1550s, describing the nation that lived in several different lands of the Austrian Empire. The origin of this name is not exactly known to me, but two possible origins spring to mind. The word is deffinetly linked to the word Slavs (Or Slovani in Slovene language), which represent a group of nations. One possibility is that the nation was named thus because it was the Westernmost nation of the southern Slavic nations, and the neighbours just called them "Slavs". This idea might explain why the Slovaks in the nord have been named in the same way. (Slovaks and Slovenes in their respective native tongues both call themselves exactly the same - Slovenci) . The other possible explanation is that the word "Slovo" in ancient Slavic meant "Word". The word Slav, and possibly Slovenian come out of this. People used this name for those people who could speak their "Word", their language. It is interesting that Slovenes as many other Slavic use a word "Nemci" for German people, the word in fact means "The mute ones", which indicates that they did not speak the same language. It must be stressed that the word "Nemci" is in no way insulting, it is the official word for Gemans still. . The name Slovenia for the land where Slovenes live is derived from the name of the nation and it came much later. Slovenes in Austria lived in several different lands, Carniola, Styria, Istria, Gorizia and Carinthia. In 19th century, when awarenes of nationhood arised, authors started to use the word Slovenija to describe the entire territory where Slovenes live, thus uniting the nation under one banner. Officialy the word was first used in print by a Slovene poet Jovan Vesel Koseski.

Who rules Slovenia?

Slovenia has both a Prime Minister and a president. In 2011, the Prime Minister of Slovenia is Borut Pahor, while Danilo Türk is the president of Slovenia in 2011.

What is the religion in Slovenia?

Roman Catholic - 57,8 % Undeclared - 22,8 % Atheist - 10,1 % Other - 9,3 % Source: Statistical office of the Republic of Slovenia

Is it hot in Slovenia?

Not always. In 2013 it was cold one day, hot another(very unusual). Weather changes. It's usually hot in June, July...nothing much. Use this link for your questions about weather in Slovenia. http://www.weather-forecast.com/locations/Ljubljana/forecasts/latest

Who runs Slovenia?

Slovenia is a parliamentary representative democracy. The executive power is in the hands of Government of Slovenia, which is currently ruled by the first female leader Alenka Bratušek. .

What mountains do they have in Slovenia?

The Republic of Slovenia is a nation state bordering Italy,Austria, Croatia and Hungary. The mountains include theAlps and the Dinaric Mountains . The higest peak (Triglav)is 2864m or 9396ft high. The countries average height above sealevel is 557m or 1,827ft.

What animals are there in Slovenia?

Bears, mosquitoes, grasshoppers...dogs- loads of dogs- cats...forest animals, I guess, 'cause they have forests, some sea animals 'cause there is some coastland.

How does Slovenia live?

If you mean, how Slovenian people live, well, they have a great life in Slovenia. Sure, there's some poor people and some rich people.

Where is the laundromat in Ljubljana?

Most people there have their own washing machines. However, there may be some laundromats, but only in Ljubljana (not anywhere else in the country).

How large is Slovenia?

Modern Slovenia covers an area of 20,273 square kilometres (7,827 square miles) , of which 40% is elevated land mass.

Where is laundromat on wimpy wonderland?

It is on Gramma's street (North Main), which is left of Rowley's house on Surrey Street. You cannot enter it until near the end of the game when Manny drives a snowplow to clear away the front.

How do you get into the laundromat on Wimpy Wonderland?

You don't get in until the very end of the game. After you win the bingo game with Greg's grandmother, you'll win a CD of classical music. Go to the Fast-Mart (where the teenagers are) and put it in the sound system, and turn up the volume. Take the No Freeze to the snowplow truck by the school. Use the dog bowl (from Rodrick's room) to measure the No Freeze for the wipers. Now return to Greg's house and open the blinds to get him off the video game. When you go outside, follow Manny in the snowplow to the Laundromat.

Is there a steam washer at the laundromat?

Steam washers are the newest form of washing machines to hit the market . They wash clothing using steam to more effectively clean clothing. Laundromats are to wide spread and varying around the country to accurately determine which individual mats utilize steam washers. It is best to contact your local laundromat to determine if they are currently using steam washers.

Is there a Starbucks in Slovenia?

No there is not, as of 2014. However there is a Facebook grouptrying to get Starbucks to open a location there. It currently has81 Likes.

What is the level of production in a laundromat?

The level of production in a laundromat is typically between a few hundred and several thousand items of clothing per day. The actual amount of production depends on the number of customers and the size of the facilities.

When were founding Slovenia?

Slovenia has declared independence on 25 June 1991 after a referendum that was held on 23 December 1990 where more than 88% of voters voted for independence. Because of these events there are two public holidays in Slovenia: - Statehood Day (25 June 1991) and - Independence and Unity Day (26 December 1990 - the day that referendum results were proclaimed)

What is Slovenia known as?

Slovenia is known as Slovenia to English speakers. To people from Slovenia and other parts of former Yugoslavia it is known as Slovenija.

Is Slovenia cold?

It gets cold usually in November, and cold lasts up to January(results vary, as weather is not constant). It can get cold, about 10 Celsius below zero sometimes(was so in 2012/13 - very cold, maybe record). Some years are colder, some are hotter...as long as you have appropriate clothes, it's all right. Usually it gets to the freezing point (0 Celsius).

Where is the capital of Slovenia?

The capital of Slovenia is Ljubujana, which is also the largest city in the country. It is located in the middle of the country and attracts many visitors.

What are the release dates for Laundromat - 2008?

Laundromat - 2008 was released on: USA: 13 April 2008 (FilmOut San Diego) USA: 30 April 2008 (Miami International Gay & lesbian Film Festival) USA: 1 December 2008 (DVD premiere) Japan: 19 September 2009 (Asian Queer Film Festival)