Where is the memory card on the iPhone 4S?

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The memory card is located on the skinny right side of the iPhone, if its standing upright( It is located on the opposite side of the volume and ringer buttons) There should be a small dot a little bellow the center of the side, and when pushed in using a small needle (like a push-pin) it releases the sim/memory card to the iPhone. To put it back in just place the sim card on its holder, then push it back into place with the holder. If your iPhone freezes this might be a good idea to.
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Can memory be stored on an iPhone on both the phone and sim card and how?

1)remove back cover from the Iphone 2)write the memory ( memories ) you would like to store and attach it glue side down to the physical phone body or sim card if exposed 3)close the phone you now are able to store your memory in the Iphone. write it on a post it note for best result - can use water resistant marker to write directly onto Iphone or sim card

What is the 4S in the iPhone 4S?

The 4s just means it is the fourth generation of the iphones. The "S" on the 4s just simply means siri which is the new technology on the iphone. It is like the phone helping service.

Does the iPhone have a memory card slot?

The iPhone is the only phone as of now that can not have the memory increased with the use of a memory stick or micro sd card. The only slot on the phone is for the sim card.

IPhone shows no memory card installed?

Try inserting a different memory card (that you know is working. If you still get the same message - the Iphone is faulty. If, however the new card works, then the original card is faulty.

How do you synch palmone and iPhone 4S?

How It Works - Wi-Fi Sync CompanionLink will sync Palm Desktop with your iPhone. And we'll do it over-the-air using your local Wi-Fi network (like a home or office network). You get the benefits of over-the-air sync within the security of your Wi-Fi network. CompanionLink installs on your PC and works together with a free CRM app for iPhone. The app is called DejaOffice and is available free from the App Store. In addition to sync functionality, DejaOffice gives you business-class contacts, calendar, tasks and memos sync only works within your local Wi-Fi network. You cannot sync over the internet, using your phone's data plan, or when you are outside the range of your Wi-Fi network. Your device and PC running CompanionLink must be on the same local network.

What happends to your memory when you remove an iphones sim card?

what should happen is nothing at all your memory is suppose to be stored internally into your iPhones memory witch is a memory chip that can not be upgraded unless the phone itself is exchanged only memory that can be updated is when you free up your memory but point is the sim card does not change your memory in a iPhone.

Is the iPhone 4S the iPhone 5?

Original answer by WhiteDoves Edited by Tristan Howell Answer 1: Yes. The iPhone 4S is the fifth generation of the iPhone product,but it is not called "iPhone 5". Answer 2: No, iPhone 4S is the improved version of the iPhone 4. The onlydifference between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S is the internalsand Siri, Apple's personal assistant. Many people were disappointeddue to the fact that they thought it would be named iPhone 5. It isthe fifth generation of the iPhone product, but Apple has decidednot to name it iPhone 5.

Why is the iPhone 5 called iPhone 4S?

The iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 are two different products. Each apple iPhone comes in different levels, like economy and luxury. The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are essentially the same phone, but the 4S has more features (like Siri and a higher pixel camera). The iPhone 5 comes in three level, the 5C (economy), 5 (standard), and 5S (luxury).

How do you buy an iPhone 4S?

There are many ways you can purchase an iPhone. If buying from new you can purchase outright from any good mobile phone outlets that sell the handsets. You can purchase over time with taking a rental contract out with a mobile phone supplier, who may either sell you the handset at a greatly discounted price and some network suppliers may provide the handset for free, depending on the specific terms of the rental contract you agree with them. You can also purchase a handset via online stores or auction sites buying either new or second hand (used) handsets.

Can you upgrade your iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S?

Absolutely Not.You can't upgrade an iphone 4 to iphone 4s!This isabsolutely impossible!The iPhone 4s is an other created device fromApple wich as the A5 Chip,while iPhone 4 has the A4 Chip!

What should you get iPhone 4S or iPhone 4?

I think an iPhone 4s because it has Siri. It's very easy to use and is also better than an iPhone 4. It's faster and includes more features. In general, I believe the iPhone 4s is better, but in all reality, which one you should get depends if you would actually use all the better features of the iPhone 4s. If you want best quality videos and photos, if you need a personal assistant(Siri), or if you need more than 8 Gb of space on your iPhone(for all your apps, music, movies, photos, and such), then you will want to purchase the iPhone 4s. Keep in mind that the iPhone 4 is not in production with more memory than 8 Gb, but through the Internet(eBay, Amazon, or other sites as such) you may be able to find an iPhone with more memory.

How much does a 32GB iPhone 4S hold in its memory?

You have to take in some variables but based on 5mb per son length the following can be achieved. 7000 songs* 25,000 Photos 40 hours of video *Provided each song is 5 MB Remember the higher quality of the item being stored, will reduce the above figures. Also remember the operating system and apps also require space.

Which is better the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S?

There are more features but dont think its the iphone 5. The 4s has a better camera and more storage. It also surfs faster, and loads apps quicker than the iphone 4.

Is the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S the same?

The iPhone 4 is $99 with a 2 year contract, $549 with month to month. The iPhone 4s is $199 2 year contract, $649 with month to month. The price a month when you pay the bill can vary, but normally its $20 iPhone 4, $30 iPhone 4s. Not a big difference. As far as features, they're not totally different. The iPhone 4s comes with iCloud and iOS 5, when meanwhile you can just download that for your iPhone 4. Also, the iPhone 4s has an 8 megapixel camera, while the iPhone 4 has a 4 megapixel (I think...). If you like better graphics and such then the iPhone 4s is for you, but if you like just the phone and what it does, definitely get the iPhone 4. That's what I'm doing. Plus, it's possible that once you buy the iPhone and are due for your upgrade, you can upgrade to the next iPhone.

Which is better an iPhone or iPhone 4S?

Technically, when you say iPhone, you are refferrring to the 2g which is not longer sold in stores. If you were asking about the 4 and 4S, then here are some new features the 4 does not have. . twice as fast A5 processor that never crashes with iOS 5 . Siri (English, French, German, and Japanese so far) . 8mp back facing camera (compared to 5mp) . 1080p video (compared to 720p) . video stabilization . two antennas for better connectivity

What can the iPhone 4S do?

It has two cameras(one on the back & one facing you)(it has auto flash where you can turn it on & off)(you can change from camera to video) You can email, message, assign to contacts, use as wallpaper, tweet, and/or print your pictures! You can cut, copy, and paste messages. Sell correction. When messaging, tells you when "..." are typing. You can find your location and search your surroundings. Create folder (in one square, you put all of your games in it) You can video chat with friends. Create a contacts folder. App store. & iTunes store. You can talk with your phones

What is the difference in iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S?

The iPhone 3GS came out more than 2 years before the 4S, between that time there has also been the iPhone 4. There is a difference in the basic things, like the memory has became bigger, available now is a 64GB memory, in the past 64GB was not an available option. There is also the processor, the processor will be upgraded to a brand new, faster and overall better processor. With every new product that comes out, the camera the camera will be bumped up to have higher megapixels and better optics. The iPhone 3GS was replaced with the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4 had a complete redesign, instead of using plastic Apple decided to go with glass and construct a steel band around the edge of the phone. The iPhone 3GS screen was a LCD capacitive touchscreen, on the iPhone 4 the screen changed to become the first Retina display on a smartphone. The steel band around the edge of the iPhone 4, held the glass together and it made it look like the sexiest phone around. But it was flawed with antenna issues, the antenna would not work properly if the phone was held a certain way. Ofcourse everyone complained and there was a huge uproar about this at the time, but the CEO at that time, Steve Jobs, his solution was to give away free bumpers for the phone or return it. He held a conference about the issue because of the global outcry of antenna problems, he then showed a presentation styled keynote of other phones form various different brands which had similar problems and pointed them out. Apple did a great job with the design of the iPhone 4, but with putting so much effort into the design and physical attributes to the iPhone 4, they overlooked other aspect of the phone. In 2011 the iPhone 4 was replaced by the iPhone 4S, which had better camera, memory, processor and camera. Steve Jobs died a few days after the release of the phone. The iPhone 4S has no antenna problems, this time they have made sure that there is no problems with any aspect of the phone. The 3GS also never had a front facing camera, meaning you could not video call, with the iPhone 4 Apple introduced a front facing camera, which allows the use of Apples own Skype-like service which they aptly named FaceTime. FaceTime is just like Skype, it is only compatible with Apple products unlike Skype, which can be used with Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, etc... Apple also introduced Siri, a voice recognition system, which allows the user of the phone to ask questions to the phone when pressing the HOME button, unlike other smartphone operating systems Siri allows you to talk to the iPhone and it comes up with answers. There is only so many questions you can ask it, depending on where you live there are some services that some people living in the US will get that other countries will not get. And there is the fact that Siri is still a working progress, over time it will get better. The iPhone 4S is currently the latest iPhone to be released. Speculation is constantly going on about when the next iPhone will be released, some say this summer, others say it will not be until the winter. There is no one that will be able to tell you because Apple are tight lipped when it comes to releasing new products. But the iPhone 4S is a brilliant phone, if you are thinking of getting it then you should, it is worth the money.

What does the iPhone 4S do?

The iPhone 4S is a phone that is able to make calls, send and receive text messages, use the internet, use third party applications, such as Instagram and Words with Friends, set reminders, write notes, add meetings/calendar appointments, use Siri and voice dictation, etc.

Does an iPhone 4S work without a sim card?

Depends on what you mean by "work." . If you mean "Play games, surf the web, and use e-mail on a Wifi network," then yes. But then, all you have is an expensive iPod Touch. . If you mean "Make calls, send SMS messages, and use the 3G or 4G network," then no. All current iPhones require a SIM card; even Verizon phones due to the 4G LTE network. Other Verizon phones which use only the CDMA network don't need a SIM, but any 4G smartphone will have one.

Which is better white iPhone 4s or black iPhone 4s?

I'm pretty sure that the white version of the Apple iPhone 4S would be better than the black version of the Apple iPhone 4S because the black iPhone 4S is known for getting hotter much faster than the white iPhone 4S, and you can see the white iPhone 4S much easier than the black iPhone 4S. The price is the same for both iPhone 4S models. You can get both models of the iPhone 4S at Best Buy from $50-$200, depending on if you do or don't have a new 2-year contact or not. If you have Virgin Mobile (which I don't recommend), the iPhone 4S is $450 (very expensive, not worth it). I'd recommend either iPhone 4S model if you don't have a lot of money and don't like a larger screen (iPhone 5).

Can you have a iPhone 4 case on an iPhone 4s?

It depends. If the iPhone 4 case is for the GSM model (AT&T) then you can put it on, but the ringer slide button will be partially obscured. If the case is for CDMA models (Verizon) then yes, it will fit because when Apple made the Verizon iPhone 4 they upgraded it to be slightly different, and that is the shape all iPhone 4S's are now. iPhone 4 are very similar in shape with iPhone 4S. If you really want, you can put the iPhone 4S phone into a iPhone 4S case. but it may seems no good in apperance, as they are not exactly same.