Where is the mint mark on a 1881 silver dollar?

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If it has one, it's on the reverse just above the letters DO in dollar. All mintmarks for Morgan dollars are in the same location.
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How do you find the mint mark on an 1881 Morgan dollar?

The mint mark (if any) will be found on the reverse of the coinunder the wreath above the "D" and "O" in DOLLAR. Possible mintmarks are . (none): Philadelphia . "S": San Fr

What is a mint mark on a silver dollar?

A mint mark indicates where a coin was minted. Blank or P for Philadelphia, D for Denver, S for San Francisco, O for New Orleans, and CC for Carson City. On Eisenhower dollars

1881 silver dollar Denver Mint price?

Please check your coin again. The Denver mint did not open until 1906. The only mint marks will be blank (Philadelphia), S = San Francisco, O = New Orleans, CC = Carson City.

Where is the mint mark on an 1881 Morgan silver dollar?

On the back of the coin above DO in the word dollar. It's in the same place on all Morgan Dollars. Possible letters are: No mint mark = Philadelphia S = San Francisco

1878 silver dollar no mint mark?

Although 1878 is the first year for Morgan dollars the Philadelphia issue (no mintmark) is very common but it has 5 different reverses for the same coin and value is a little

What is the value of a mint 1881-O silver dollar?

The 1881-O Morgan is a common coin, circulated coins have retail values of $17.00-$26.00 depending on grade. Mint State coins in the grade range of MS-60 to MS-63 have retail
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What is the value of an 1881 silver dollar with o mint mark?

June 13 2011 The values are as stated. Very worn-$36 Between very worn and modertly worn-$36 Moderatly worn-$37 Slightly worn-$37 Very little ware-$50 No ware a coin with no