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Where is the obd connector on a 1997 chrysler sebring?

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Under the dash on the driver side.
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Where is the obd connector on a Chrysler new yorker?

Up to 1993, it is under the hood. 1993 and later, under the dashdriver side. 1995 and prior is obd 1. 1996 and later is obd 2.

Where is the obd port on a Chrysler Sebring?

obd dlc (on board diagnostic data link connector) should be on the driver side under dash on either left or right side of steering wheel. 1996 federal guidelines require dlc t

Where is the OBD connector on a 1997 Ford Explorer?

The data link connector is covered by a small removable plastic piece in the lower   area of the dash , below the steering wheel and between your inside hood release   a

Why does your 1997 Chrysler sebring hesitate?

May have Jumped time, could have a failing distributor cap and coil, failing spark plugs, bad O2 sensors, Bad Throttle body position sensor, the list can go on and on.