Where is the safest place to hide if zombies were to attack?

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There are two types of hiding places: long-term and short-term.

Either way, a mall is the worst place to hide. Although it is probably loaded with supplies, it is impossible to clear (or will take a long time at least, time you don't have). And then once you have cleared it, there is still the fact that there is how many entrances to cover. Not a good idea. For the short term the following are good ideas:

A house can be ideal. Preferably an acreage. If its perched on a hill, even better. The seclusion lowers the amount of zombies, and makes it harder for them to sneak up. It gives more less entrances and should still hold a few basic survival items. Make sure you board up excess windows but if you have a room you don't be in a lot, maybe keep the window open for scouting.

Jam or block the doors, if there is only one, you picked a bad house. If the house has twenty entrances/exits, you picked a bad one as well. 2-4 is ideal, because if gives you escape options, but few places the zombie can penetrate so easy to manage.

Long-term, as said above, is without a doubt an island. However, the zombie apocalypse motto is "If you can't beat them, don't join them" so do not become a zombie please. Island provides best seclusion, and although it is not good for short-term once prepped, you can just live without interruption.

Safe places to hide during a zombie attack:

  • The Mall. The mall is seriously the safest place.
  • The supermarket.
  • Invite them to church. You'll never see them again!
  • Some form of armored vehicle.
  • On their backs. They couldn't reach you.
  • A large boat or ship would be perfect.
  • A house with double glazing would be fine though, as long as the doors weren't wooden and single-layered.
  • A castle would be nice, as long as it isn't Westminster Abbey.
  • No point in hiding zombies multiply so they will eventually find you. Best idea is to get off the planet.
  • Upstairs in that room that has the one window and the overlook on the front yard. But make sure you get there through the back room so they can't come up the stairs. Having a ray gun, flame thrower, and/or browning is preferable.
  • The intellectual capacity of a zombie is very low (happens when your brain is decomposing) also their senses aren't too good either. So all you have to do is act like one yourself and you will fit right into the herd. You don't have to go anywhere. Its what Micheal Jackson did when his video was overrun He got through it unscathed.
  • Hide inside of a sumo wrestlers belly fold they will never find u
  • Don't hide and become a zombie, seriously they'll get you eventually it's only the pretty girls that get spared.
  • Don't hide in a swimming pool because they can breathe underwater ;)
  • The sewer. If a zombie were to go down there a horde of rats would be on him just as soon as they smelled the rotting flesh.
  • There is no real safe place to run and hide. Zombies multiply quickly through bites so entire populations will be gone in a matter of hours. My advice is to either: 1. become one, 2.shoot yourself. But if you really want to live break into the nearest army base, get anywhere from 10-30 survivors (check them for any bite wounds) and make sure the gun to people ratio is at least 5:1. Get to the nearest port and sail away to an island with a high humidity like Hawaii or Indonesia since the isolation guarantees safety, little to no zombie activity and a great place to repopulate and live.
  • When you go to that island, bring ammo for every gun. and make sure you have tools and building supplies. if you want to start a modern civilization back up, you'll also need to bring a technician, someone that knows how to build, and someone really good at making electronics work. take the computers from the boat, preferably a cruise ship, if you can. and a lot of generators.
  • For all of you who said you couldn't survive, you could out of three options: 1.) You could fly a helicopter to the nearest mesa, preferably the tallest. Go there with lots of cereal and lots of seeds, and begin planting the seeds. Also, bring two or more people of a different gender and one or more of the same gender. Water is a good idea. 2.) You could sail on a boat. make sure you bring dirt and water and seeds. as before, bring many people. 3.) Probably the easiest, build a large brick wall around your house. Have a small indoor and outdoor garden. and, if you'd like to, you can throw some UNIMPORTANT things out the upstairs window at the zombies. DO THIS BEFORE A ZOMBIE ATTACK! Yes your neighbors will think you're odd, but they'll be the one pleading for help when the zombies come, while you're sipping your drink and watching your favorite channel, or gardening.
  • It all depends on what kind of zombie you are dealing with, where you live, and what time they attack, but the zoo could be a safe place, if you have the keys.
  • You guys are all crazy... in the event of a zombie apocalypse you need to: A) grab all the food in your house, B) steal some ones car, C) get hold of a gun (fail that any blunt object will do) or, somehow obtain any weapon of mass destruction D) Run!!WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO HIDE??
  • It important to aim for the skull when shooting a zombie to take out the cerebral cortex (believed to be infected with an unknown pathogen, possibly containing a genetically modified rabies virus crossed with a bio-engineered virus that mimics "the munchies" (you know, after having sex with your spouse at 4:00 a.m.), and likely conceived in an underground lab at Bethesda, Maryland). If you hit any other area, you will only make them meaner and more determined than ever to cannibalize you (and one bite will infect you, so you better hope they finish you off at that point).
  • If you have a machete or other sharp object, you must cut off their head to incapacitate them. Unless you have a machete you can quickly use to decapitate the zombie (say you only have a sharp knife) it is recommended you sneak up behind them, jump on their back, and hack away at their neck until you are able to separate the head from body. (Do not allow the head to bite you; it will remain animated and that rabid mouth will infect you if biting into you.)
  • One last thing. Zombies aren't real! They never will be! They are FICTIONAL!! I don't get why people would even think about this.
  • How can you prove that, the rabies virus will eventually become airborne as everything eventually evolves, then it will become stronger and could infect people with weak immune systems, thus creating a zombie.
  • My opinion is to not get to much of a large group, always have a fat person as a extra life as fat people will be first picked off.
  • wear a fake zombie suit and pretend to be a zombie
  • Apply for a position with Umbrella Corporation (showcased in Resident Evil and movie sequels) so that you will get their anti-zombie virus vaccine (an employee benefit). Make sure your resume doesn't include any hint that you have a conscience, empathy, or other qualities Umbrella recruiters will screen out.
  • You are regrettably correct the obese are preferred fare by zombies. Distasteful as it may seem, the best method of distracting zombies is to push an obese member of your group into a group of attacking zombies, then run like hell.
  • Some of the above is correct. Upon learning of a zombie infestation you NEED: A fast vehicle, fill it with fuel. Best choice is a mobile home or a van (NO CONVERTIBLES!) bring all the WATER you can. A Shotgun and all the shells you can fit into your vehicle. Why would you edit all the comedic value from my post and leave a watered down, drab sentence like that? i hereby unsubscribe from your site. you wouldn't even know why I would be disappointed about your deletion of my post.
  • The best place to hide from zombies is a hot air balloon, or an airplane (assuming there's no zombies on the plane) In a hot air balloon you won't need to refuel, and you will be able to see where the zombies congregate and stay away from them. You won't need to hide as long as the zombies don't sprout wings. By the way, zombies are kind of similar to vampires you can't kill them with bullets, unless the bullet is pure silver. Also, people don't get sea sick in a balloon, but in a helicopter they do.
  • Try to find temporary refuge to get to the safe zone.
  • A crossbow is better than a gun, because it may get multiple zombies and is silent. A chainsaw is equally as good, but loud. You need to have at least a baseball bat or fire axe. Lasers are the best defense, because they turn zombies to dust.
  • Never wear heels, or dress shoes unless you are a British secret agent. You are most likely to twist your ankle when zombies are around, for unknown reasons.
  • The safest place to hide would be in the arctic tundra, because zombies would have trouble moving in the snow, the fierce winds would throw them off your scent, and they actually have a possibility of freezing in their tracks while you hide in a safe cave with your supplies. Also, it is very remote and they wouldn't really go there unless they were following you.
  • The best place to hide for a zombie attack would be a zombie hide-out. If you have ever seen the music video for "Love Like Woe" by The Ready Set, they are hiding from the zombies with their friends in a zombie hide-out. Check the video it is really cool.

More insight on safety
  • Malls as previously said are not a safe place to hide out, but they are cleared and sealed, you will have a large supply of items at your disposal. Entertainment wise, you can lay multiple games and watch many movies. You can even read. Weapon wise, it is hard to find a gun shop, but sports shops still provide numerous close range weapons. Hardware stores also supply duct tape. A crucial piece of survival because you can combine items so you can get an even better tool of mass destruction (i.e. tape two knives to the end of a stick, and you got yourself a makeshift spear).
  • When it comes to traveling, you would want a sturdy vehicle which could take damage. Pick-ups, Jeeps, or Hummers are the ideal means of transportation. I especially like the idea of taking off a small part of the roof so someone can blast the heads off of the brain eating infected while still being protected by the vehicle. Also, open the windows half way so you can shoot from there.
  • The best number of people in a group are 4-5 people. Each person should pack up a nice supply of food, weapons, duct tape and batteries. Once you find your safe house, try to stay for the night and find more supplies.
  • Each member should be able to at least do one of the following:
  1. Sprint for at least five minutes.
  2. Carry over twenty pounds of gear.
  3. Know how to do first-aid.
  4. Know how to use any weapon.
  5. Be willing to contribute to the group.
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