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Where is the SIM card on Samsung rant?

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the samsung rant is a sprint phone, and the sprint carrier does not use sim card technology
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How do you sync the Samsung rant with a PC?

To sync the Samsung Rant to the PC, first go to the main menu. Then, go to tools, and then select Mass Storage (which should be number 6). Then, (assuming your Rant is alrea

Does the Samsung Eternity use a Sim card?

"Yes. All phones need a SIM card, or it will not function."   Actually, that answer is incredibly wrong. SOME phones use SIM cards. Some phones don't. A phone on the Verizo

How to replace the lcd in a Samsung rant?

It's not incredibly difficult, there are six screws on the back, you take that off, there is a metal shield that pops off (look really closely at the edges you'll see what I m

How do you get the SIM card out of your samsung behold?

The only way I could ever get mine out was with tweezers. Annoying! However, with repeated removal, the sim card holder does seem to loosen up a bit and the card comes out mor

How do you save your contacts to your sim card on a samsung solstice?

Go into your menu and select "Address Book." Scroll all the way to the bottom, and there should be an option called "SIM management." Select that, and you can choose to copy c