Who was Merlin?

"who WAS Merlin?'' you talk as if he is dead, for that is impossible for he lives outside of time. but to answer your question, he IS a fabled wizard who has extraordinary pow (MORE)

Who is Merlin?

From what I know, Merlin is a wizard who is destined to guide Arthur Pendragon through his life and adventures. he is also played by colin Morgan in the tv show Merlin

Who is the trinity?

Known as "The Trinity" the comedians are 3 females who currently run have their own radio show called Trinity Radio. The basis of it is to provide real talk for the entertai (MORE)

Are mark and Merlin the same person?

No. Mark was King of Cornwall and Merlin was an enchanter who was beloved by King Arthur. Completely different people. Mark's wife Isolde had an affair with Sir Tristan. As fo (MORE)