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Where is the trinity mark in Merlin's House in Kingdom of Hearts?

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i dont think there is a white trinity in Merlin's how but there is 1 in deep jungle....where you got the keyblade for that map. and......thats it actually x)
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In kingdom hearts how do you get the skll for a red trinity mark?

To obtain the red trinity, you have to beat Guard Armor in Traverse Town and fly the Gummi Ship to either Olympus Coliseum or Wonder Land and do as much as you can there. Afte

Yellow trinitys in Kingdom Hearts?

  To get the Yellow Trinity, you must complete the Hercules Cup. The four yellow trinities are located in: 1. Traverse Town-Behind Magician's Study-near stack of crates

Where do you get trinity limit in Kingdom Hearts?

u get trinity limit wen u get 2 level 70 or 75 Hi If you mean KH1 you get it after beating the Hades Cup. KH2, I think you get it after beating Pete in Timeless River.

How do you get the yellow trinity in Kingdom Hearts?

  The Yellow Trinity is obtained when you complete the Hercules Cup.   Here are the locations for the four Yellow Trinities:   1. Traverse Town - behind Magician's S

Where are the trinities in Kingdom Hearts for PS2?

TRINITIES OF KINGDOM HEARTS      Traverse Town   BLUE-First District (near tables)BLUE-First District (near town's exit)BLUE-First District (ramp behind fountain)B

Where is Merlin's house in Kingdom Hearts?

ok you go from the third district then at the end of a wall you should see a door with a fire symbol on it then cast fire on the door then the door should glow or light up the