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What are the components of the General Assembly of the United Nations?

The United Nations General Assembly is made up of numerous subsidiary organs, beyond the 192-member sessions which oversee the budget, appoint non-permanent members to the Sec

How many nations are represented in the United Nations General Assembly?

192 nations are represented within the United Nations General Assembly. These are all of the member states of the United Nations. The United Nations General Assembly also ha

Composition of General assembly of United Nation?

According to Article 9 of the U.N. Charter the general assembly shall consist of all members of the United Nations. Each member may not have more than 5 representatives. At pr

Can United Nations General Assembly authorize use of force?

There is a particular function of the General Assembly of the UN which allows them to unite for the use of collective forces such as the armed forces in case of emergencies. T

What is the composition of the General Assembly of the United Nations?

The UN's General Assembly is composed of representatives of all 192 member states, sitting equally, and contingents from numerous observers, including the state of Vatican Cit

When did Iran recognize Israel at the Unites Nations general Assembly?

until 1979 with the Islamic revolution at Iran there where an official relationship between Israel and Iran including a weekly flight between the countries. In March 1950, Ira